Thursday, 20 August 2015

Engineered Human Obsolescence; Conclusion

In the last installment of Engineered Human Obsolescence, I established the hypothesis that corporations, unrivaled in their ability to drive human societal norms, seem to have formed a cancerous cabal hell bent on killing us softly. Evidence suggests, this profit hungry band of miscreant titans, have successfully parleyed their massive economic influence into total global domination, affectionately coined, "The New World Order".

This, corporate mountain of unyielding excrement have proved adept at directly controlling the strings of government, commerce, education, health, law, media, and all other significant aspects of modern society. Further espying corporate misdeeds, we quickly peeked into the food industry to view how efficiently effective the zealots have been at weaponizing food so they may change the very fabric of community relations.

Hearkening back to the good old days, we recalled from archived memories, the vast array of wholesome food sources available to the average person. Many such foodstuff, we noted, were sourced from the farmer direct. Having fixed our mind on what once was, we fast forwarded to the present, whereby, we noted the obvious deterioration of food source options. Gleaned from personal experience, we touched upon the many negative effects modern corporatism has had upon the food production industry. Even the present day vernacular "Food Industry" bespeaks of how crop production has been driven out of the single farmer's hands and into the slithering corporate snake pit. Regarding the acquisition of foodstuff, the average middle class family now find their options shoe horned into a large box store.

Watching young families navigate the aisles with carts overfull, I can't help but wonder if they truly appreciate how impacted their day to day lives have become. Without the benefit of having lived on this rock for over half a century, how could young adults comprehend the extent to which the nutritional value of their food has diminished? Moreover, even if they could acknowledge the ongoing decay in food quality, how could we ever expect them to arrange the puzzle pieces in such a way that they see the path they tread leads toward a contrived soft kill agenda? Of one thing I am sure, most of the lost souls wandering down the gleaming shopping aisles would think me mad if, in the midst of their shopping, I raised the subject of a corporate soft kill agenda.

Beyond the soft kill agenda, there are other significant corporate gains drawn from centralizing food production. Hanging precariously in the balance, we see the ever eroding rural community. Much like the layer of rich loam soil disappearing underfoot, small operational farms are going the way of the Do Do bird.

Why is this happening? 

Is there a corporate impetus behind this concerning trend? 

Small town communities are the breeding ground for brotherly love, compassion, sharing, and solidarity. Corporate masters don't like loving community values! Love, compassion and solidarity simply do not make good bedfellows with other farm animals named profit, efficiency or greed. Global corporate agendas, like Agenda 21 are forcing the population out of the field and into tidy little urban production boxes. The corporate mantra demands profits from production efficiency. Said efficiency, is easiest to maintain under a spiraling spirit of centralized production. We all know the rural scene is closing down quicker than the local library.

Why are we not concerned?

I remind you dear reader; the argument I seek to make is to define, for our mutual consideration, the possibility corporate interests are promoting a nefarious, long term agenda. This agenda appears to transcend the usual malicious corporate expressions of greed, excess, and wanton destruction. With the rope quickly tightening on our collective necks, I find it curious we seem unwilling, or possibly unable, to identify the predicament.

Corporate planned human obsolescence! The debt enslavement of the human race! These are tough dishes to swallow. I get it!

Many of us, have a hard time even entertaining the possibility corporations are using government influence, in the form of global legislation, to perfect the methodology required to manage the human life cycle. For most people I talk to the idea is absolutely preposterous. To them I say, ponder this;

"Corporations control the life cycle of all commercial products, animals, and plants, why not human beings"? 

The following installment will seek to unpack some other soft kill instruments from the depth of the elite tool box. Primary life giving elements like air and water seem a good place to pick up the ball. Pieces of the greater health management puzzle, bits and bobs of global mass murder. Perhaps, as this puzzle amasses form, the greater designs of our corporate masters will somehow be shockingly revealed. Let's lift the master's curtain and peek into his world. If all goes well, you may find interest in the manipulations of corporate beasts. This brief review might even spur you toward further investigation. Wouldn't that be nice!



When evaluating corporate weaponization of potable water, countless, insidious, trends need be reviewed. Akin to our glance at food production, there is value to be found by looking back in time. If we glean an understanding of how society is trending visa-vis water conservation and consumption issues, we might better identify how this important piece fits into the greater puzzle of managed human life expectancy.

Childhood memories; running into the house, hell bent on quickly guzzling milk from the jug. It was similar to a game of cat and mouse. My mother had tasked herself with intercepting midday kitchen raids from self and siblings. More often than not, I was left perplexed by my mother's adept manner of catching me out. Fact is, we were a large family, some skills, like my mother's detective work, had been cleverly honed from the need to stretch a dollar. The point I am slowly crafting, illustrates the outcome of my failed bid at raiding the milk jug, which was, a huge glass of water.

The refrain, as welcome as a Sunday sermon, rings clearly from distant memories, "Hold on there mister, put that jug back!" Briskly moving toward the cupboard, my mother would grab a large glass, turn on the tap, and fill it to the brim. "Drink that, it's good for you!" Standing with hand on hip, a vexed look assured me her will to attend the EMPTY glass would not, could not, be thwarted. "How many times do I have to tell you not to drink straight from the jug? It's disgusting!" "Sure thing mom, when's dinner?"

Back in the day, all us kids sucked the water straight from the kitchen tap. Most the men would take the time to use a glass. The ladies, often a bit finickier, poured their water from a glass decanter stored in the fridge. However we chose to consume our water, we all remember the sage advice.

"Drink it, it's good for you!" 

Is it really?

The history of water fluoridation is brief. Dating back to the turn of the twentieth century doctor Frederick McKay noticed patients exposed to high amounts of naturally fluoridated water were experiencing fluorosis identified as a yellowing stain on the tooth enamel. The doctor further noticed patients in his area who suffered the most with fluorosis also had less cavities than those without. At the time, doctor McKay's papers were of interest to the global dental community but left unobserved, or at least unattended, by corporate influence.

The next big advancement in the cause of fluoridation occurred during the second world war. German military camp supervisors discovered that fluoridated water proved an extremely effective and cheap pacification agent. It was purported that fluoridation enabled the guard staffing of German POW camps to be reduced by as much as one third. Addled brains, lethargy and reduced vigor were the reportedly advantageous side effects of fluoridation. Literally armed with the knowledge of how fluoridation can change the character of a populous, corporations pushed post war governments to initiate a plethora of studies all cleverly aimed promoting fluoride as the next best thing since the invention of the toothbrush. Local municipalities in Canada, USA, New Zealand, England and the Netherlands began a litany of clinical studies aimed at proving the benefits of fluoridation.

In each aforementioned region, a formulaic 16 year study was funded by the government to validate mass water fluoridation. In North America, Grand Rapids Michigan, Sarnia and Waterloo were called upon to prove, beyond all doubt, the relationship between fluoridated community water and reduced dental caries.

Armed with a mountain of well fabricated evidence gleaned from their "16 year studies", corporate sponsored regulators and municipal government lackeys commenced a rampaging campaign to globally "medicate" the water supply. Presently, nearly 50% of all Canadians and 67% of all Americans consume medicated community water. For those who take offence to the term medicated, it is important to realise that all other water additives are strictly related to the production of clean, untainted water. Fluoride, or should I say the fluoride solution, does absolutely nothing to aid the production of potable water, it is present in our water specifically as a health adjunct.

What is in this fluoride cocktail?

The mixture is toxic to say the least. In fact, to get the chemical cocktail to your local water filtration facility it must be transported in specially lined, anti corrosive, tankers. It's a nasty mixture to say the least. The milieu of chemicals resides in a water based solution with nearly all core ingredients banned by the FDA as severely toxic environmental pollutants. The manufacturing industry used to suffer great costs to store and remediate these chemicals. Not now! Thanks to government regulations hazardous waste becomes a commodity we get to drink. Oh don't worry, say the pro fluoridation pundits, it's only a few hundred parts per million!

In addition to the fluoride itself, many of the composite additives are dangerous heavy metals designed as lethal bullets to cripple your neurology. Water fluoridation plays a large, but deadly silent, role in the unexplained explosion of neurological disease in North America. So what exactly are the soup ingredients; Mercury, Free Fluorine, Hydrogen Fluorine, Hydrogen Fluoride, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Uranium238, Barium, Radon Radium, Cobalt, Polonium and a host of other radionuclides. Possibly I missed a few ingredients, none the less, I think you get the drift.

Many people still trust government propaganda stating water fluoridation represents one of the greatest health advancements of the 21st century. The argument, if one cares to listen, goes on to convince scientifically challenged morons that fluoridated water is required to combat tooth decay. Even if this spurious claim had not already been refuted by countless contradictory studies, it would not, should not, justify or entitle the decision regional governments make to medicate their constituents.

You tell me, is it right to force feed a carcinogenic soup to an unsuspecting populous? 

Adding insult to injury, disguising fluoride as medicine seems insane. None the less, we buy it, drink and brush with it, thinking everything is just fine. Almost all of the toxins found in the fluoridation mixture become more concentrated when boiled, so don;t expect relief from the cooking process.

Causing further alarm, one need note how fluoride and the many aforementioned ingredients are cumulative toxins, which mean they remain in the body building up over the years. By example, studies suggest the average person exposed to fluoridated drinking water can only rid itself of about 50% of the cumulative fluoride, the balance calcifies, mostly in the bone and pineal gland. More than enough evidence has been compiled, the medical fallout of water fluoridation is significant, apparent, and uncontested on too many fronts to even begin mention is a small essay as this. There are good reasons why municipal governments all over the world are being forced to answer to the rancor of angry constituents who demand they change municipal policy. Some of the chickens are getting wise, some of them are finally waking up!

Facts are facts, globally, municipal governments have danced to the same health mantra for decades. Unanimously and for all to hear, they have admitted fluoridated municipal water supply only exists to enhance dental health. Ergo it is a health adjunct, added for the sole purpose of medication. By law, when prescribing or administering medications, doctors must unilaterally adhere to three regulations.

a. Medications must be administered only under doctor supervision and evaluation.
b. The patient must be informed of all the risks and/or side effects of the prescribed medicine.
c. No medication may be administered without the expressed approval of the patient.

How is it we hold the medical society to one sensible standard, yet, we enable regional government employees, those who possess no scientific or medical background, to insanely medicate their district residents without consent or supervisory evaluation?

Have we all gone mad?

You be the judge! Be a good judge, investigate the truth of the matter. When you have verily weighed the evidence, ask yourself if a crime against humanity been committed. I should hope this single puzzle piece is enough to illustrate the weaponization of water is indeed a soft kill tool? I submit to you, if there is not enough evidence, we can also investigate further what the corporate agenda for water may entail.

Water Ownership:

Who Owns The Water? 

Who Should Own The Water?

The very concept of selling corporations the rights to freshwater resources represents a scary slope toward enslavement. Before it is too late, humanity must wake up to this ever tightening noose. The simple fact is, few people see the connection between global enslavement and potable water. Spend a bit of time in Ethiopia, the Sudan, or any super arid climate, the relationship will quickly become apparent. How long until southern California, suffers a similar fate? Food, clean air, water, and shelter, must be accepted as inalienable necessities.

Citizens of the world will either commandeer these essentials, or be enslaved by those who can. What does it say of people who believe primary, life supporting needs, should be deprived to those who cannot pony up the price of admission? Globally, government lackeys are presently selling to corporate interests the water rights to streams, lakes and rivers in communities near you. Who said the government owns the rights to sell our water? Corporations, that is who!

We need only take a quick glance at the state of the world to realise potable drinking water is one of the fastest shrinking resources on the planet. Time and again, we allow corporations to abuse the water supply. Fracking, oil/gas exploration and extraction, industrial and farming contamination, nuclear waste and leakage are just a few of the primary pressures weighing heavily upon the fresh water supply. Our oceans, once thought to represent an inexhaustible bastion of food and resources are also quickly being devastated. Think of the irreparable damage caused by the Gulf spill and Fukushima alone. It's staggering to even contemplate!

The Oceanic water supply is in such a shambles, I no longer feel comfortable consuming the banquet of sea food provided by my seaside community. The pleasure of catching a few salmon for the table has become a thing of the past in my household. Crab, shellfish and other ocean delectable's I so often would relish are now taboo food sources.

We have to ask ourselves, why do we enable corporations and their government play things to destroy the most precious of all resourced? 

If you cannot see the destruction of water as part of a soft kill corporate agenda, then I suggest you do a little research. Literally this short essay has just scratched the surface of a very very deep ocean of subterfuge.

Do you care? 

More to the point, do your children care?


Manufactured Disease:

Prior to the era of industrial modernisation, poor air quality was the root of countless respiratory and cardiology health concerns. Corporate masters have always used air as a silent killer. Coal usage alone was responsible for the early death of millions of unsuspecting victims. Recollecting the time I spent in East Germany immediately after the wall was torn asunder, I can relate to you personal misgivings about the effects of unfettered coal usage.

The entire world was excited to see the reunification the two German frontiers. We remembered well the horror stories depicted how the splitting of Germany after world war two had created unimaginable destruction of community and family. Sitting in front of my sister's T.V. in Wiesbaden, then West Germany, a good friend and I watched incredulously as the Berlin wall was being dismantled bit by bit. Realising history was in the making, I decided to immediately ride my bicycle to the center of the action "Check Point Charlie", the renowned border crossing located in the heart of Berlin.

Having traveled a few days, with my destination in sight, a punctured tire necessitated roadside repairs. The good fortune of this impediment was introduced by the arrival of an old Mercedes van. The owner, tall, thin, with curly black hair was puffing on a joint as he approached my inverted bicycle. Speaking near perfect English as he passed his little cannon, he introduced himself as Vince from Wiesbaden.

Accepting the smoldering fatty from his outreached hand, I kindly refused his assistance indicating my repairs were nearly finished. Enthralled Vince was by off chance our point of departure, destination, as well as, purpose of travel were identical. He took these revelations to represent a synchronicity of sorts, something he felt demanded a response. Offering up an extraordinary level of kindness, Vince insisted he provide me transport to Berlin. Eventually, we became close friends, whereby he insisted I accompany him on a month long tour of Eastern Germany.

Travelling down the busy highway we spoke of how important reunification was to all Germanic peoples. To this very day, I can vividly recall sitting in the front seat of that old black van as Vince, with tears in his eyes, recounted how his family had been shredded by the division of Germany. He spoke of how his extended family lived in two communities about 10 Km apart. When the new border of 1945 had been drawn in the mud it almost perfectly cleaved the family into two separate, unapproachable, entities. Grandparents, parents brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, from both sides of his family, were torn apart. The unlucky circumstance of being geographically proximal to the East/West dividing line forced Vince's family to suffer significantly more separation than the average German family of the time. Conversing with Vince exposed to me the story of devastation suffered by one simple farming family. Quietly, with the white line speeding underfoot, I imagined how much heartache and carnage was claimed by the division of this great nation.

Distraught as Vince was by the loss, he refused to dwell on the macabre, instead choosing to imagine the bounty of love and reunification with family long since considered lost forever. The month ahead saw us rumble through the East German countryside on a mission to visit with as many of his lost family as humanly possible. Excusing my digression, if I may redouble my focus on identifying the depth of damaged extensive coal usage can contribute to a community.

Parked on a quiet street in the outskirts of East Berlin we could not anticipate how poor the air quality would get once the coal home fires began belching out their repugnant exhaust. Looking to capture some fresh evening air, we had decided to sleep with the side windows of the old van open. Our slumber was soon interrupted by an inescapable assault of coal residue. Soot, thick and heavy, filled the van making breathing rather difficult. Chocking and sputtering as I cleared the sleep from my head, I had no idea what had befallen us. My initial fears were that possibly the vehicle had caught fire. The air in the van had become so inhospitable we were forced to drive toward the countryside in hopes of clearing the horrific fumes. Eventually, city limits gave way to sparse country greenery, the air slowly cleared affording us much welcome relief.

Another grim reminder of the extent to which coal smog brutalizes a city was experienced when I found myself climbing a tower in the heart of the small East German city of Leipzig. Climb toward the top of the thirty story tower proved quite a challenge. Each story that passed under my feet seemed to noticeably reduce air quality, whereby, the summit produced an atmosphere so tainted I could barely breathe without my T-shirt cupped over my mouth. Adding insult to injury, the view afforded by the 360 degree platform had been almost entirely shrouded in a heavy cloud of black coal smoke. The deck itself could not be leaned upon without blackened with layers of soot soiling my clothing.

During the early years of Easy German emancipation from the USSR, possibly even to this day, the primary fuel source for home and industry in the city was coal. The depth of damage inflicted upon the masses by the poor air quality soon became apparent as I came to make acquaintance with many of the local inhabitants. Respiratory infliction seemed ubiquitous throughout the population, young and old. First world industry, as we know, required greater scale-ability and efficiency from a fuel source. However, in Russian occupied countries like East Germany, cheap labour had effectively forestalled modernisation, thereby offering up a fine impression of what life was like for citizens living in the era of coal heating .

Shortly after the industrial revolution, coal had been effectively replaced by nuclear, oil and hydro electric power sources. Wealth of production, coupled with the expansion of the middle class, enabled a social impetus toward corporate responsibility visa-vis the enactment of air quality environmental regulations. Corporations, forced against their will, responded in kind to market pressures which were demanding accountability from the manufacturer. Changes in corporate environmental policy slowly, but surely, enabled the trend toward a cleaner, healthier world. For a few decades air quality slowly improved. Corporate masters, playing catch up in their attempt to quell the social push toward clean air, needed an invisible substitute to the coal smog soft kill agenda. After all, air quality, or lack thereof, has always been a powerful soft kill tool. Mass manufacturing, a push toward a two car family, and the expansion of the trucking industry, proved great substitutes to coal usage, yet something more comprehensive was required.

How could the powers that be further develop air as a soft kill tool? What could be as ubiquitous as coal?

The corporate soft kill vehicle used by the elite masters to further the agenda of manufactured air toxicity was benignly delivered to the masses in the form of aerial spraying. Records well illustrate how governments around the world have wantonly spayed all sorts of experimental chemical concoctions over unsuspecting communities. Said scientific trials have been disguised under the banner of a great variety of "official" objectives. Some such corporate/government objectives are well known to the average citizen, whilst others, hide like slime resting in the elbow of a kitchen sink drain. In the end, the powers that be decided upon a scheme that they knew could be positioned to earn the acceptance of all, global climate change. The old game of problem, reaction, solution.

Problem: Global warming/climate change is coming to your community!

Reaction: We must come up with a way to counter the threat of climate change!

Solution: Aerial spraying, incorporating a mandate to "manage" our unyielding climate, thereby representing the quiet, unassuming, saviour of mankind. Today, we look up in the sky to define this atrocity we call "chemtrailing". While some of us question what the hell they are dropping on our head, the vast majority of people could care less. It would appear that, as long as the television works, the powers that be have carte blanche to design whatever horror show they wish.


One factor commonly overlooked when it comes to human health and environmental degradation is geo-engineering as it relates to Solar Radiation Management (SRM), also commonly known as "chemtrails". The ominous moniker originates from the use of various chemicals and stratospheric aerosols like barium, nano aluminum coated fiberglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmiun, chromium, nickel, dessiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, polymer fibers, jut to name a few. I am not making this stuff up, they really are spraying these aforementioned chemicals over your head, not once in a while, daily. Anyone, with half a mind, can easily research the patent details outlining the technology and chemical soups used. In the absence of conducting your own research, one need only note how countless scientists around the globe are screaming bloody murder at the incredible injustice. This is happening everywhere! Not just in America, all over the world! Very serious stuff indeed, yet, the powers that be have taught the average citizen to ridicule those who raise cane. Day time hosts, comedians, news anchors, all ensure the vociferous bell ringer will be socially stigmatised as a conspiracy freak the moment words like "chemtrail" are introduced into any mainstream conversation.

Way back in the 1940's General Electric Company (oh boy do they have a checkered past) demonstrated how a cloud of super-cooled water droplets could be transformed into ice crystals when seeded with dry ice. Soon after, it was discovered that particulate matter of pure silver iodide, with a crystal structure similar to ice, was effective as a global weather modification device. To this day, silver iodide remains one of the oft most used materials in cloud seeding.

By the early 1950's a push was made toward heavy use of aluminum oxides which later morphed into nano aluminum coating of fiberglass. Tell someone they have nano coated fiberglass residue, barium, barium and a hos of other chemicals in their body, see how they react.

You wouldn't be lying!

The fact is, chemtrails are responsible for infecting vast swaths of humanity with heavy metal deposits. Some victims will end up with Alzheimer disease, others will contract cancer, most will quietly suffer a variety of ill attributed ailments. Everyone of us will lose brain functionality. Toxic side effects of heavy metal intake are as well documented as they are unavoidable. Our neural synapses triggering potential will be dimmed! We all will be adversely affected. Believe it, ignore it, pretend it isn't happening, or stand against the deceit!

It's up to you, the ball is in your court.

You can detoxify to a certain extent. Products exist in the marketplace which have been designed to literally identify, corral and then isolate nano metal particulate matter. Isn't science wonderful!

The subject of geo-engineering as a cancerous plague on mother nature is voluminous. Literally, there are countless case studies identify significant damage is being inflicted upon fauna and flora. Bees, birds, fish, trees, plants, soil, lakes, oceans, crops, nothing escapes damage when the jumbo plane flies overhead spewing it's nefarious cocktail. Like ripples in a small pond littered by a handful of pebbles, the effects reach far and wide. Effects colliding into each other, growing, changing, becoming more than the sum of their individual expression.

By example; we can look at crop production. Heavy metal residue causes significant change in soil PH which diminishes the quality of the growth medium. In addition, the plant's leaves, coated in nano aluminum and various other metals further adds stress to the plant. Adding to the assault, "global dimming" (scientist have assessed the level of sunlight reaching earth is about 20% down from that of 50 years ago) the haze from global geo-engineering proves a major culprit. Bee populations, decimated by heavy metal intake, are nearing critical levels making pollination sketchy at best. Contaminated water taken up by the roots further embed heavy metals pollution into to helpless plant. Follicles in the plant foliage, responsible for photosynthesis, become clogged thereby diminishing their capacity to produce energy. In the end, our poor little plant, forced to endure 21st century climate modification, has suffered through a perfect storm of toxicity. It really is a miracle the darn thing can even grow, in fact, many can't!

How many times have you heard the refrain, "I don't know what is wrong with my garden this year, it is in a horrible state, nothing seems to want to grow!"

We tend to think, too much rain, not enough rain, not enough sun. Rarely do we espouse, those damn geo-engineering bastards are to blame!" The sobering thought is, humans are at the apex of the food chain. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink today is all toxic!

Don't ask yourself something stupid like, is he telling the truth? You simply can't ignore this canary in the coal mine! Questions you need to ask include:

What is their motive? 

Is geo-engineering necessary? 

What are the net gains from geo-engineering? 

What might the endgame be? 

Who is footing the bill and why would they spend billions on something that yields no clear advantage, no remarkable benefit?

Intelligent people, solid researchers, those who give a damn, will strive to formulate answers to these very important questions. Having affected proper, unbiased, research, the concerned individual must arrive at some unavoidable conclusions.

Soft kill.......... carcinogenic, immune system, respiratory and neural disorder

Geo-forming.......... gene modification, chemical/fertiliser development, global dimming, crop destruction, weather control

Neural attack.......... dumbing down, Alzheimer's, Pineal gland destruction, ADD, ADHD, neural socio-pathology

Pain without Gain.......... no published environmental agendas, no impact studies, no increased crop production, no tangible or scientifically vetted gains, no project justification, no publication of program expenditures, no open forum discussion between government corporation and the public, no project disclosure!


There are literally tens of thousands in the global scientific, health and agriculture communities expressing outrage. Hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, of good citizens are shocked, dismayed and perplexed as they demand answers from public officialdom. Silence is the inevitable reply! Why should the corporate and governmental bodies even comment; after all, everyone knows the entire subject is just conspiracy theory lunacy.

If my brother is being killed, is it not my obligation to do something about it? 

When is it the right time for me to take a stand? 

Do I wait until things get a little worse? 

Do I just ignore it and turn on the television?

The ball is in your court as well! What is your next move?

What would a sane person do?

When I think of how to react, I try to realise how important it is to honour those I love. Looking back, I hope to remember my generation carries an unspoken obligation to further the societal status of mankind. Like you, I realise we have been entrusted to carry forward the hopes and dreams of our fore bearers. Accept it or not, we are beholden to those who have set our table.

Humbly, I see our collective goal should be to embody the best of what we have inherited, whilst seeking to make reparations for past misgivings and corrections of past errors. Naturally, we seek personal improvement? Society, unified in mind, must also naturally strive for similar gains. The absence of societal progression leaves a vacuum which will inevitably usher in a quick path of destruction.  

Looking forward, I see little children playing by the ocean. I dream they might discover a bright, loving future, free of manufactured impurities. Each of us grow stronger as we realise the unspoken obligation we each have to our children. We must somehow find a way to instill within our children a desire to become good stewards of the land. Should they leave this world in a better state than inherited, they will stand victorious where we have failed. Distractions have proved the downfall of our generation. Sex, media, sports, competitive consumerism and technology have been cleverly used against us by corporate masters. We fiddle while Rome burns! Unarguable is the fact main stream media has programmed the populous to embrace ignorance in the face of disaster!

Ancillary Evidence:

In the course of this essay, I have barely scratched the surface of what one would consider a complete argument. There is so much information to impart that it truly could fill a bookshelf. The image in my mind of a corporate conspiracy to manage the life cycle of humans has been drawn, then distilled, from a vast array of observations, articles, videos and books.

Wishing to frame this theory by pen, I thought it best to first lay a foundation for the argument. As such, I have chosen manufacturing, food production, water and air. In my mind, building an argument is no different than building a home, a solid foundation is required to support the argument to follow. Resting upon the foundation will be the bricks, mortar and trimmings that bring the house to life. If asked to assess the depth of this argumentative essay, I would suggest possibly one third of the foundation has been laid. There are a good dozen other big pieces to this puzzle, as well, remember, a house is so much more than the foundation it sits upon.

Hoping to be concise, whilst knowing I am failing miserably, I thought it might be best to divide human engineering and the soft kill agenda into three key areas of attack; neural, respiratory and carcinogenic. I thought by categorizing the attacks might make it easier to see the pattern of abuse.

1./ WIFI Technology > EMF radiation neural disruption
2./ Smart Meters > EMF radiation neural disruption
3./ Cell Phones > Cancer, EMF radiation neural disruption, blood brain barrier damage
4./ Aspartaime > Wide range of neurological disorders, cancinogenic
5./ Chemtrailing > Wide range of neurological disorders, carcinogenic, respiratory
6./ GMO > Carcinogenic
7./ Bisphenol A > Carcinogenic
8./ Microwave Ovens > Carcinogenic
9./ High fructose syrop > Carcinogenic
10./ Vaccines > Carcinogenic, neural toxins
11./ Oil production > Carcinogenic, respiratory, neaural
12./ Fracking > Neural, carcinogenic
13./ MSG > Carcinogenic
14./ Excitotoxins > Carcinogenic
15./ Flouride > Neural toxins
16./ Mercury > Neural toxin
17./ Aluminum > Neural toxin
18./ Viagra > Carcinogenic
19./ Smart Appliances > EMF radiation, neural disruption
20./ Depleted Uranium > Neural toxins, carcinogenic, generational destruction of DNA
21./ Melamine > Carcinogenic
22./ Codex Alimentarious > Legislation control structure
23./ Agenda 21 > Legislation control structure
24./ Parabens > Carcinogenic
25./ Sunscreen > Carcinogenic
26./ Sugar > Carcinogenic, this common commodity is only  carcinogenic as a result of processing
27./ Medical Radiation > Carcinogenic
28./ Medical prescriptions > One of the leading causes of death in America
29./ Drug industry > Carcinogenic, neural
30./ Coal & fossil fuel usage > Carcinogenic, respiratory, neural. We don't need to be on fossil fuels
31./ Manufacturing & Agricultural Environmental Damage > Neural, respiratory, carcinogenic
32./ Amalgams dental fillings > Neurological toxin, carcinogenic
33./ CFL & Mercurial Lighting > Neurological toxins, carcinogenic
34./ Nuclear radiation > Carcinogenic, neural toxin, respiratory
35./ Sodium Nitrate & Food Preservatives > Carcinogenic, neural
36./ Chlorine > Carcinogenic
37./ Food Irradiation/Radiation > Carcinogenic
38./ Lead > Neural
39./ Asbestos > Respiratory
40./ Chemotherapy > Neural
41./ Radiation therapy > Neural
42./ BT Toxins > Carcinogenic
43./ RBGH > Carcinogenic
44./ Petroleum refinery output > Carcinogenic
45./ Tobacco > Carcinogenic, respiratory
46./ Alcohol > Neural, carcinogenic. People choose to drink, corporate elite glamorise the use in media
47./ War > Neural, carcinogenic, respiratory
48./ Poverty > Carcinogenic, neural, respiratory
49./ Hydronised ingredients > Carcinogenic
50./ Artificial Flavouring > Carcinogenic

The aforementioned list is merely a a small subset of the many soft kill assaults that come to mind as I pen this essay. There are a great many others I might contribute given a little time and research. In my mind, it appears obvious the global elite are implementing a soft kill agenda. Some of you may think carcinogens and the affiliate rampant increase of cancer is an unavoidable function of modern day living. This is exactly what they want you to think! The fact is, each and every one of the killing tools mentioned need not play the role they do in our lives. Society has arrived at this state of affairs as a result of corporate and government choice. Look closely at the list, then answer the following questions.

Why is food being used as a carcinogenic weapon?

Why is the manufacturing process used as a respiratory weapon?

Why has the technology sector morphed into a neurological weapon?

Why is the local grocery store the most dangerous place in town?

Why is the air we breathe riddled with heavy metals, toxins and disease?

Why is the supply of public water loaded with chlorine & fluoride?

Why is there so much mercury and aluminum in our water, soil and air?

Why is the pharmaceutical industry the largest supporter of election funding in America?

Why is the FDA so absolutely useless?

Why is the FDA constantly run by corporate lackies from Monsanto

Finally, why are they trying to kill us?

My belief is that we can actually answer all of the above questions with one simple word.

You guessed it, MONEY!!!

Who could argue with the statement corporation are in the business of making profits, this is their prime directive. The larger the corporation, the hungrier it is for growth, the more bloodthirsty are it's habits. Corporations are a similar sharks in this regard. You might find it fun to swim with a foot long shark, not so much so when it gets to three or four meters. Did you know 60% of all personal bankruptcies in America are a result of health care costs? How about the following 50 mind boggling facts!

1./ The US spent more on health care in 2009 than the entire GDP of Great Britain
2./ Health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of personal consumption in 1980, today it is 16.3%
3./ The US spent 2.47 trillion on health care in 2009. By 2019 they expect that number to be 4.5 trillion.
4./ 41% of working age Americans either have medical bill problems of are currently paying off medical debt.
5./ The American Journal of Medicine reports more than 60% of personal bankruptcies in the US are a result of medical bills. It was additionally reported over 75% of the people in this group had full medical insurance.
6./ The chairman of Aetna, the third largest health insurer in America brought in 68.7 in personal earnings for 2010. In addition he earned over 50 million in stock options. The funny thing is he did not even work the full year.
7. /Over the past decade health insurance premiums have risen three times faster than wages.
8./ The top executives in the five largest for-profit health insurance companies earned over 200 million in 2009.
9./ During the depression year of 2009 health insurance companies recorded a combined profit of 12.2 billion.
10./ Health Care for America reports even as the country struggles with deep recession, health insurance companies increased profits by 56% in 2009.
11./ In the US, health insurance administration fees account for 8% of all health care costs, in Finland that figure is just 2%.
12./ L.A. Times reports Blue Shield of California raised their rates last year by an average of 30 - 35%, some policy holders experienced as much as a 59% increase.
13./ Mother Jones website reports health insurance premiums for small employers in the US increased 180% between 1999 and 2009.
14./ Since 2003 health insurance companies have shelled out more than 42 million in state level contributions.
15./ More than 2 dozen pharmaceutical companies made over 1 billion in profits each during 2008/
16./ Each year tens of billions of dollars is spent on pharmaceutical asvertising on the US alone.
17./ Prescription drugs cost about 50% more in the US than in other countries.
18./ Nearly half of all Americans now use prescriptions on a regular basis. One third of Americans use two or more drugs, and more than 10% use five or more drugs on a regular basis.
19./ The CDC reports 3/4 of a million people a year are rushed to the hospital as a result of adverse reactions to prescription drugs.
20./ The FDA reports 1742 prescription drug recalls were affected in 2009 and increase from 426 the year before.
21./ Children in the US are three times more likely to be prescribed anti depressants than European children.
22. The percentage of American women taking antidepressants is higher than any other country in the world.
23./ Medical liability is said to have added approximately 55.6 billion to the health care costs of 2008 24./ A gunshot wound to the head, chest or abdomen will cost $13,00 the moment the victim goes
through the door, Costs rise greatly the 24 hours after.
25./ Why are c sections on the rise. Regular birth cost about $5,992, while a c-section costs $8,558.
26./ The infant mortality rate in the US is 46th in the world.
27./ The infant mortality rate in the US is three times higher than Singapore.
28./ It is estimated US hospitals overcharge Americans by about 10 billion per year, every year.
29./ One trained medical technician at a reputable US hospital estimated gross overcharging on medical bills occur as much as 90% of the time.
30./ It is not uncommon for hospitals to reduce medical bills for insurance companies by as much as 85%, for those without insurance, good luck.
31./ Over the last decade the number of Americans without health coverage rose from 38 million to over 52 million.
32./ US citizens are three times more likely to get diabetes than their UK counterparts.
33./  Puerto Rican residents have a greater life expectancy than Americans.
34./ OECD stats indicate Americans are twice as obese as Canadians.
35./ In 1965 one in fifty Americans were on Medicaid, today that number is one in six.
36./ The US government estimates Medicaid trust fund will run our five years earlier than predicted only one year prior.
37./ The US government will account for more than 50% of all heath care spending.
38./ Greece hs twice as many hospital beds per person than the US.
39./ California now ranks dead last of the 50 states in the number of emergency rooms per million people.
40./ Recent surveys indicate 25% of all Californians over 65 have no medical insurance.
41./ PWC reports ineffective claim processing costs the US health care system 210 billion per annum.
42./ 40% of all US doctors are 55 or older.
43./ AAMC reports an estimated shortage of 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years.
44./ August 2009 poll found 4 out of 9 US doctors are considering early retirement is Obama care goes ahead as planned.
45./ NE Journal of Medicine reports one third of all doctors may leave the profession if Obama care goes thorough as planned.
46./ August 2010 poll indicates up to 40% of US doctors plan to retire over the next three years.
47./ It has been reported that Obama care was responsible for the cancellation of 60 doctor owner hospital new startups.
48./ 2010 study indicates Americans spend about twice as much on health cares as many developing countries do on their entire health care system.
49./ If the US health care system were a country, it would rank as the 6th highest global economy.
50./ Deloitte numbers indicate a whopping 875,000 Americans were "medical tourists".

Health insurance, drugs and medical care contribute to the elites profit immensely. No one could argue the soft kill agenda is not profitable to our masters. The drug and medical industry funnel trillions in revenue into elite coffers with some of the heftiest profit margins found in any industry excepting oil. My theory exposes a definitive pattern. If, by some miracle, we reach retirement age with savings intact, they want to ensure vehicles are in place to effectively strip us bare of that missed wealth, So much for leaving a little something for the next generation. The way things are headed, it will not be long before only the very fortunate will be able to retain key assets like the family home. For most of us, a costly fight to survive cancer, Alzheimer's, or a litany of other ailments, darkly percolate as our inevitable, preordained, future. The elite know one thing well, everyone will do anything to live one more year. They capitalise on this knowledge, in doing so, they effectively strip the average citizen of most all possessions.

Do you really believe science and technology can progress by leaps and bounds while, somehow, someway, we are unable to make gains in the health of our citizenry? 

Can you honestly suggest there is no hidden agenda behind the insane rise in cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders? 

Have you noticed how our children are being dragged into the assault? 

There was a time half a century past where children rarely suffered neurological disorder. Now it is commonplace, just ask any teacher! The number of children on drugs is appalling, sickening, horrific.


When drawing conclusions in support of a hypothesis one must establish trends, roads if you will, which justify the arrival of an outlined destination. Our goal was to assert a nefarious corporate agenda to manage the life expectancy of humans does exist. Moreover; we wished to further assert, this agenda has not been arrived at by happenstance. Rather, it is the result of a well oiled, inescapable, conspiratorial plan.

If, by chance, you have been actively participating in this essay, whereby, you have taken the time to ponder the illustrated questions and formulate your own opinions, then you must already have a good idea of where you stand. If you find yourself against my hypothesis, I urge you to further investigate these allegations with an eye toward strengthening your resolve. My wish is that, as you affect you own due diligence, you will become equally horrified as your investigation uncovers additional puzzle pieces that will aid you in completing your own personal conspiratorial soft kill picture. For me the following ten conclusions make a very compelling argument.

1./ NOT NEEDED: One might suggest society moves forward, as it does there are good and bad, pluses and minuses. These same folks would believe the ugly list of corporate soft kill misdeeds are mere side effects of technology, modernisation and the advancement of civilization. This argument might hold water if it not were for the fact most of the soft kill agents need not exist. Sugar need not be processed into a killer. We do not need depleted uranium as part of our weaponry.

Look at the list closely, how many of these soft kill tools need not exist?

2./ TECHNOLOGICAL ATTACK: They could design our world to care for or kill the citizen, they chose the latter. Microwaves, wireless technology and the dependence on oil are good examples. Did you know; the frequency modulation they selected for smart meters/products and all wireless technology creates disharmony, disease and dysfunction in the body? Now, did you know; it was and still is very easy to change to a new frequency that can actually broadcast good health, a stronger immune system and harmony the human body? They know the difference, they chose to kill! We could have moved away from fossil fuels decades ago. Since the days of Tesla, some could argue further back, we have had the ability to harness an infinite amount of what could be best describes as "free energy".

Why are they using technology as a soft kill tool when they can use it for our benefit?

3./ SAFE ALTERNATIVES: The local supermarket is riddled with great examples of  how the corporate elite manufacture a health minefield, trust me, none of us are insulated from this attack. Aspartaime is not needed as a diet adjunct, there are safe replacements. In fact, recent public pressure forced Pepsi to use safer substitutes in their latest formula. Of course the used it as a marketing advantage, don't they always, the little scamps. Same can be said for MSG, BPH, RBGH or mercury. For each of these soft kill agents, there are safe alternatives, safe modulation frequencies, safe ingredients, safe raw materials, safe energy.

Why create and maintain a soft kill agent when something safer exists?

4./ TOO MANY TO BE CHANCE: There are far too many soft kill tools to logically argue that this is a function of stupidity, corporate/personal greed, coincidence, rule breaking or all of the above. Sure things like greed, coincidence and stupidity play a role, However, changes can be implemented quickly but they don't happen. The majority of soft kill items listed have been afflicting the population for decades after being scientifically proven to cause cancer, brain damage, or respiratory illness. Mercury in fillings and vaccines, MSG, Aspartaime and microwaves, are all good examples of soft kill tools which having been around for over 50 years, In each case safe alternatives were available from the start, they were never needed to begin, or they should never have passed FDA regulations.

How are we to account for an impromptu list of 30 or so soft kill agendas? 

Do you really believe this is all by accident?

5./ TARGETED ATTACK: Look at enough of these kill tools and you start to see patterns. They are obviously targeting all thee prime regions neural, respiratory and cardiology. Multiple attacks are designed to make sure they hit the mark. Just like the take out of Kennedy three shooters to make sure the target gets smoked. They like to round it all off with a massive dose of cancer, half of us will get laid down by that costly kill tool. The latest flavour of the new millennium, has been the heavy neural attack on children. They like to boost the neural hit by hooking the little kiddies up to intense information intake and neural stimulation. Kind of like the Ritalin boy with ADHD hooked up to his kill kill kill video games for three to five hours a day. Yeah, they seem to be getting a good deal of traction from that one.

Do you think this a conspiracy or coincidence?  

6./ DEBT SLAVERY: If you somehow believe that they are not after every penny you earn, think about the debt slavery merry go around. By 16 you can become their taxable earner. Get some cash together, buy some toys, maybe even a car. By 21 you might be knee deep in college debt. When you hit 25 to 35 they hope you will be looking for that first mortgage. From 30 - 50 they figure you will be blowing your spare cash on what the neighbours expect, travel and toys. Make it to you middle age with a bit of cash, you will be socially pressured to put the children through college. Hey you reached 60 with some cash stashed away, congratulations, you're well ahead of the curve! Hey, how about some cancer? You made it to the retirement age of 70, wow, what a feat. Buckle down, hope for the best baby, the odds are not looking too good right around now!

Can't you see a debt slavery trend here? 

Did you know 50 years ago it was not this way? Do you know the present rate of debt interest? Where did it all go?  

7./ REGULATORY INSANITY: From the WHO to the UN, from municipal, regional and federal government to your local community regulatory insanity is quietly wreaking havoc on your health. Follow the FDA regulations, tell me this game ain't fixed. Look closely at global initiatives like Agenda 21, tell me this is not a conspiracy. Shake your head at the insane things they are doing to our food, water and air, you cannot call this mere coincidence. Chemtrails and fluoridation are great examples at how regulation, or the lack thereof, is causing significant harm to us all.

Do you really believe that everything is on the up and up here? 

8./ FASCISM: Interweaving state and corporate interests by definition is fascism. Research the directorship and upper management of the FDA and it will become verily obvious why our grocery store is such a dangerous place. Can anyone make an argument that governments at a global level are purchased by corporate interests. We are not children, my guess even the lamest of us know the score. Governments are run by corporations, they will always do what their corporate masters want. This is not news, we all know the next president of America will be the with the fattest corporate purse backing him/her. The second law is also well known, the bigger the donation, the more the influence. This one fact alone is all that is needed to place the entire responsibility of the soft kill agenda on the backs of the corporate monsters. If there is a conspiracy, you must agree it is corporate.

Corporations want profits, they will stop at nothing to ensure this, can you see the motive here? 

9./ DISEASE RATES RISING: This point has been hammered into the ground but it is still worth noting as a conclusion. All major diseases are on the rise. Technology & medicine advance, while health of the average citizen, not only declines, but outright plummets. What does it take for the public to see there is no coincidence, bad luck, or a justifiable result of progress, This is an all out attack. it is fabricated by design. We are at war here, yet none of us seem to know it!

Do you think it is possible they like having us sick? 

Could it be they like the profits?

10./ NEUROLOGY: Unfortunately the biggest canary in the coal mine here is our children. Track the increase in neurological disease and dysfunction in our children over a 100 year period and even an absolute idiot will see there is something very wrong here. Severe, scary and absolutely insane rises in neurological disorders like ADD, ADHD, Asperger and Autism, to name a few, are impossible to ignore. Any fool can see, the pharmacological industry has painted a huge red bulls eye on our children. Come on now, do I even have to argue that this, most obvious tragedy, has not been fabricated. If there ever was an argument in support of the corporate soft kill agenda this is it. Today's 12 year old American boy will one day be regarded as the poster child of a soft kill victim. If ever humanity looks back in horror, saying how could they not see the attack coming, this little boy will represent the epitome of their collective incredulity. Come on people, you gotta see this war for what it is, you just gotta wake up!

Was this not the final straw?

Do you think it is a conspiracy?

Leaving this essay in the dust is, for me, a very nice time indeed. To be frank, I was sick of it half way through the first installment. With that said, I want to draw your attention to thoughts of responsibility. The generation ahead will face challenges which will dwarf our experience. Simply stated, this is the way the corporate beast consumes us. Were were distracted by banality, greed and horrible things like Hollywood. Our children, I fear, will be even more adeptly distracted. If we never saw the axe falling, they surely will not. I penned this in response to the obligation I feel to all children of the world.

What will you do? 

What will your contribution be? 

I am not calling you out, well.... I guess I am. Step up to the plate, make a difference, help the kids will ya.

In Lak' ech Brethren.... prosper with love.... share your knowledge.....   


  1. Hey Christopher What a truly eye opening essay you have put together. It never ceases to amaze me all the facts and knowledge you possess. I totally agree with you on everything you have stated. And much like yourself it is the children I feel so bad for. They have no idea what lies ahead if things are not turned around by high minded parents, teachers, and other individuals who do "get it". Thank you for your work and for sharing something with us that we all need to start thinking about a lot more seriously. Keep up the good work and be well my friend!

  2. Namaste brother Ron, thanks for the visit. This essay represented a rare foray into the realm of darkness. Seldom do we piece together the puzzle into a comprehensive overview illustrating the end game. When all is said and done, it behooves us to remember this is exactly where consciousness belongs, this is an iteration of perfection. Take care brother.

    In Lak; ech, prosper with love... live beyond fear...