Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Earth Girls Are Easy; Lighting up the self Part 3

Pray tell; what rabbit hole can be so amazing it forces you to challenge everything you ever believed? The ultimate trip, a spiritual and intellectual Wonderland of truth. Of which, you exit reprogrammed, redefined, a new being. Could any tale, or personal experience, provide the ingredients necessary to extract you from your slumber.

What would it take for you to unequivocally state, I AM GOD! I am the eternal consciousness, the totality of all beingness, a singularity in the absence, or presence, of time and space.

Antonio, in allowing me entrance into his mind, exposed my true GodSelf identity in the form of nothingness. The representation of 'self' as nothingness triggered within my psyche a deep knowing of my 'self' as infinite, eternal LOVE. 

The experience of true nothingness, although immensely valuable, unravelled in my mind as an esoteric enigma. Difficult to stab at with a fork, impossible to investigate under a microscope. 

One need only read my illustration of this experience to appreciate the controversial affront it represents to the box defined by our material five sense world.

Myself, or my reader, seeking to gain enlightenment from the event, find the lessons cryptic, elusive, slippery, conjectural grey matter in a world where only black and white merit definition. If Antonio had left me with nothingness as a single impression of 'self', I may have spiritually floundered on rocks of uncertainty. Which is why, I cherish the opportunity to share with you a journey into the totality of GodSelf consciousness.

Familiar, most of us are, with the quote in Genesis 1.1;

"God said let there be light, and there was light. God saw that light was good, so he separated the light from the dark."

Although I detest most everything the bible espouses, I must admit, Genesis offers a sensible starting point for those who endeavour to define the physical playground created, then inhabited, by the conscious mind. I say this because, the transition Antonio's memories afforded me as I migrated from 'nothingness' to 'total unity consciousness' began with a rush of light. Difficult as it may be for you, the reader, to grasp; the best description I can offer is to suggest that infinite light pulsated from my heart. Each beat shouted a message of unification;

                                                   I AM LIGHT.... I AM LOVE...

One single eternal message composed solely of light vibrating, then refracting in an infinite array of frequencies, throughout the universe. Each frequency representing a different physical form. Yet, each form echoing the same eternal, fractal, truth.

                                                   I AM LIGHT... I AM LOVE...

Weeping with joy, as the menagerie of life unfolded from the depth of my heart, I realised:


Powerful as this experience was, it was not dressed in egoic clothing. I did not envision my 'self' as the sole creator, the BIG I AM, standing above another. 

Instead, I came to the realisation there is nothing in existence, past, present, or future, which is not light, love, or if you prefer, God.

Illuminated by this powerful message, I reached into the great cosmic expanse to embrace my brethren. Each being I encountered offered a different perspective. Each, a unique and infinitely valuable reflection of God.

Wading through the galactic menagerie proved to be a timeless journey. The first destination Antonio afforded me, a short visit to the Jurassic period. How incredibly intimidating was the raw power of T Rex as it peeled hide from its prey. Stately, proved the awesome freedom enjoyed by a Pterodactyl as she effortlessly glided under prehistoric heavens.

Reeling forward to the present generation; my next stop prompted feelings of gracious servitude as I was blessed by being immersed into the consciousness of a giant Sequoia tree. His existence, like all other flora, a testimonial to servitude. Situated off the San Francisco coast, beautiful was his panoramic vista. This phenomenal living giant majestically towered above its brethren. Inhaling loving rays of light followed by the steady exhale of his love in the form of oxygen. Oxygen he was aware would nourish all who may scurry below her stately boughs.

Many people have a hard time believing a tree could feel or express an emotional response. To the naysayers, I say, you could not be further from the mark.

Delving deeper into the unimaginable. Antonio afforded me a trip into the consciousness of our Sun. Indescribable was the event. For fear of using a trite descriptive tag, the moments spent in the hearts of our sun proved indescribable.

Touching the heart of Earth's Sun invoked such profound feelings of unconditional love that all else I have ever experienced pales by comparison.

Thinking back on the experience, I find it ironic, even perplexing, there could be so few words to express what it feels like to be the Sun. By contrast, if someone were to enquire as to what it was like to exist as the sun, after a pause, I might suggest the following. If a raindrop were to land in the ocean, would it have any prayer of defining the scope of its new habitat.

If asked to elaborate on how it felt to touch the consciousness of a frog, I think I could speak for hours. However, if one were to ask me to define the feeling of tapping into the consciousness of the Sun, I would have nothing to say but indescribable. Often, I have thought that if I could put this one experience into words, then I would have truly defined love.

Possibly, the Sun represents such a pure embodiment of love, it exists in an experiential vacuum. Perhaps, unconditional love, in such absolute purity, is meant to define itself as the brightest incarnation of nothingness.

Will the masses of humanity someday reach into this alien world of singularity as presented in my travels through Antonio's mind?

I sure hope so, until then, scientists who dither over the Sun's composition, may be best served to put aside their speculation in favour of labelling it 'love goo'.

Closer to home, yet still enthralled by celestial beings, a visit to Earth bestowed upon me how our beautiful blue girl Gaia might best be described as compassion incarnate. 

Gaia, like so many of God's creations, humanity refuses to acknowledge her as a living being. 

Faithfully she serves us without reservation. Gaia does not condemn our destructive greed. Nor does she desire recompense for the foul, disrespectful way we harvest the bounty she offers. Like any good mother, she feeds, cares for and servers us with her entire being.

Do we reciprocate her love, tend her needs, respect her presence, or learn from her compassion?

I regret to point out, we fail in every regard. Stripping Gaia of her title as honorary mother has somehow afforded humanity justification for treating her as a consumable. We, who fail to act on her behalf, are culpable in disrespecting her loyalty, her love. 

Prior to my commune with Gaia, I admit responsibility for propagating a hideous disregard and lack of loving compassion. Not that I carelessly destroyed the Earth, yet I must admit complacency, lack of education or apathy, contributed to the abuse she must endure. 

Our relationship with Gaia once was strong, reverent, loving. Humanity must rediscover this precious bond with this, most loving, benefactor. To this end, each of us are responsible for playing a part, small or large, in the restoration of ancient knowledge, the brokering of love, the rekindling of respect. 

Regardless of our behaviour, Gaia conducts herself with equanimity. She continues to feed, love, adore, then selflessly attend our every desire. Seeing humanity behave as a poisonous, greedy, callous, cancerous blight, causes me to question our society. 

Perhaps ignorance is the only master humans can serve well? 

Someday we may realise the folly of our path. However, from my vantage point, this day of reckoning seems painfully distant.

Leaving Gaia's presence felt like leaving home. Emotions we know all too well when circumstance begs we depart from the warm bosom of cherished loved ones.

Tumbling next toward the heart of our galaxy, I experienced the classic depiction of Earth slowly diminishing from view. Soon Gaia became a small dot entangled with countless stars. Each star shining with a personal life force, an undeniable GodSelf identity. 

Within a whisker of time, Antonio displayed a colourful backdrop excitedly dancing against a canvass of absolute darkness. Closing my eyes, in the oddest of ways, I became the entire universe. If I were a mathematician, I would have suggested my transition, or expansion if you will, into a universal being was a direct result of addition. 

The experience began with the sensation of a tiny piece of thread vibrating in darkness. The thread became an atom, which in turn morphed into a single cell. Vibrating, the cell duplicated over and again until a living being had been created. This being, I knew was me. 

From the frame of a single human, I then morphed into a planet. Soon thereafter, I felt the Sun breathe life into me just as I was transitioning into an entire galaxy. Experiencing this endless expansive spread, was akin to erasing borders. Every time my purview had been expanded, I realised the world I though was separate from me, was in fact another incarnation of the greater 'self', the infinite self.

Becoming the universe taught me how I truly was all which existed. Like a thunderclap in the night, I suddenly knew myself as consciousness. Antonio had revealed how the physical world was an exciting enigma. Before Antonio's lesson, I was chained to an illusory rendition convincing me we are separate from all other aspects of consciousness. The world I always entertained as an external extension of my 'self' had been painted as a construct which originates from within. 

Christians are taught, Jesus rendered this truth with the following assurance to his apostles;

                                                                    I AM THAT I AM

Embracing the reality of the GodSelf is a life changing experience. Knowing myself to be the totality of all manifest reality is impossible to fully comprehend, so much so, even after knowing the truth I can barely benefit from the esoteric lesson. Try as I might to forge a different personal path, I invariably stumble as I discover it almost impossible to assimilate the many ramifications this beautifully enlightened state of awareness might offer. 

Time, space, material separation, physicality, are all magical EgoSelf deceptions. Each, capable of hiding my identity behind a curtain of illusion. 

I am an eternal being, as are you, together we appear as separate entities intertwined in a battle for survival. 

Regardless of our convictions, I assure you this is not the true self. We are so much more, we are all which exists, past present and future. 

The depth of my EgoSelf insanity kept me hobbled in the stable. Thankful for Antonio's teaching, I can now utilise this new knowledge to combat decades of deceitful mind programming promulgated by EgoSelf and the expansive mind warped society I inhabit. 

Although, often I may fail to remember Godself truth, I can always relive memories of the time Antonio allowed me to embrace the universe in a state of absolute, eternal, singularity. To you, my dearest reader, I can only convey the exhilarating experience in hopes you too may peek beyond the EgoSelf curtain. Your identity exists behind the obfuscation of the false paradigm society portrays as the self embroiled in survival. 

The good news, you can identify with this GodSelf alter ego. With a little courage, you can spiritually connect to the singularity.

Leaving my galactic brethren, comforted by the lessons learned therein, I found myself shuffling along the penultimate stop on my journey into Antonio's mind. Finding myself inhabiting the mind and body of Adolph Hitler, was, to say the least a complete shock. 

Out of respect for Adolph, I won't regale you with details of sordid, grim despair. Hitler was a man driven by an uncommon fear. Antonio allowed me to live Hitler's entire life. Severe trauma, both physical and mental, contributed to his darkness. Trauma aside, the sustained real pain Adolph endured arose from his utter inability to see light. Psychopaths must manage the toughest of existences. Severed from light, love and compassion, they never touch the wealth of GodSelf love.  

There can be no greater burden than an inability to experience love. Having known Adolph as I do, I see how we fail to fully appreciate the healing balm which is love.

Antonio had given me the ability to dance back and forth in time, inhabit the consciousness of whichever human spirit I desired. For whatever reason, I found the expression of time to be one of the hardest illusions to see beyond, which is why I highly valued the 'time travel' experience. I guess, after inhabiting the consciousness of countless universes, planets, creatures, and beings of all sorts, one might think a trip into the individual minds of historical figures, by comparison, would be somewhat unremarkable. 

This was not the case! 

More than any of the destinations afforded me by Antonio, I am convinced the opportunity to exist within the history of humanity proved an informational keystone. The experience of time travel was responsible for unlocking my ability to further develop my GodSelf psyche. 

Torn asunder; were prevailing feelings supporting the grand illusions of time, separation and physicality. Aside from breaking through the base illusions of our, apparently physical world, I was shown a first-hand account of who controls our reality. Without trying to tease apart the many schemes used to manipulate society, suffice it to say, there exists a global cabal of powerful people who do not find it in their best interest to empower citizens of Earth with the GodSelf truth. 

Irrespective of the sordid machinations over which most conspiracy theorists wring their hands. Instilled in me is a sense of peace, tranquillity, understanding. In short, the EgoSelf no longer held sway over my psyche, I became the I AM. Knowing, the lesser self as the ultimate trickster, I chose not to fret with judgement the renditions of darkness.

Appealing, even entertaining as it might be to regale you with detailed specifics of my visits into the individual human psychopathy responsible for steering humanity toward the guttural expression we see manifest in society today. 

Let me also suggest; if I did probe into specifics, you would be surprised to learn, to a man, the historical characters we all thought responsible for changing our world, were, in fact, always puppets dancing to strings pulled at their master's behest. 

By example; Hitler danced to the flute of the Rothschild banking machine. You might argue, history books make no such connection to Hitler's puppet masters. 

To this query I remind you, powerful people fabricate history to act as a chute ensnaring, then funnelling, the masses toward their hidden matrix of domination. 

Historical inaccuracy has metastasised into an elite hammer. One of many hammers cleverly designed to separate, enslave, then alienate the peoples of the world. Beyond their evident functionality, we discover the building blocks of society; history, war, religion, media, consumerism, education, and government have become instruments found in the master's tool box. Power begets power, the human vibration is forged into a black block of fear. 

The reasoning for subterfuge is simple; the elite covet the type of control, power and wealth which translates into world domination. True history has taught the global elite masters, domination can only be maintained when subjugated masses are covertly enslaved by a steady diet of distraction and fear. 

Introduce love into society; suddenly it becomes unacceptable for our brethren to starve, suffer enslavement, or perish at the whim of wealthy psychopaths. Few people see beyond the basic building blocks of mind control. Even fewer are prepared to admit they have been duped into accepting a constructed reality which entertains hideous axioms akin to, 'might makes right', or, 'survival of the fittest'. 

We need not know the colour of the elephant rampaging through our living room. We just need to accept it exists then, somehow, formulate a plan for insisting it leave. 

Humanity has been contrived in a most insane fashion. The mechanics of elite wizardry are cleverly applied to convince us, we are weak humans fated to struggle for survival. Because our five senses adeptly remind us the plethora of EgoSelf illusions are real, it may very well be neigh on impossible for you to fully embrace the knowledge Antonio has afforded us. 

How can the average person logically entertain concepts like the GodSelf, or elite global domination?

With Antonio's help, I peeked into the hearts and minds of the individuals responsible for painting the social landscape of present day consciousness. This experience proved, beyond any doubt, humanity is dominated by a cabal of elite conspirators. 

When banking schemes were contrived to strip the average family of wealth, I experienced the voracious greed felt in the hearts of elitist mechanics. I heard boardroom laughter as corporate vassals used false flags, like 911, to forge public support of warfare. I was the fly on the wall as elite moguls hatched countless late-night schemes as part of a soft kill agenda meant to depopulate the globe. 

Boardroom trysts used to control media, deteriorate the nuclear family, expand mind control with subliminal messaging. When protocols were established with an aim for elementary, high and university schools to dumb down the populous, I was there. 

You may remember the woman's liberation movement; what you weren't told is its focus was to break up the family core, increase tax revenue, then enslave the female in corporate bondage. How the elite laughed when they realised how much their plans to 'liberate women enhanced their coffers, degraded society and ultimately expanded their control. 

Imagine how you would feel if you were party to meetings where government rulers were dictated protocols by rich tycoons. How often our elected patronage were cajoled or pressed into action by corporate miscreants spewing forth conspiratorial agendas. These examples represent just a few of the many references I could site, all clearly establishing the physical, mental and emotional domination of the human experience. 

What I find most incredulous is, you don't need to believe what I say happened, you just need to open your eyes. Please, don't take my word as gospel. Investigate your reality, rationally piece together the puzzle for yourselves.

Antonio, in enabling me to uncover the darkness inherent in the expression of modern society, caused a rift in my sensibilities. How is it the elite could be allowed to manifest such chaos? What about our true essence being love? When a child investigates your eyes asking why our world is in such a mess; the answer can be difficult to purchase.

If, as Antonio has taught me, we are GodSelf beings whose true essence is love, then, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? 

This one simple question has plagued the minds of millions of people, is there a reasonable answer?

When I asked Antonio to define the apparent juxtaposition between who we are and what we have created he suggested the following.

Antonio: "Although it is fair to say there are many attributing components to the expression of maya in your world, there is only one source. Evil, if you wish to call it that Karen, is the sole domain of the illusions afforded by the EgoSelf. EgoSelf, you must appreciate, is the aspect of consciousness which does not know its identity. All reality is duality in action Karen, the GodSelf truth, the EgoSelf illusion"

Karen: "Where did this EgoSelf come from? Will it hold sway over humanity forever, or can we somehow rid ourselves of its dominion?"

Antonio: "If you wish to peer into the realm of the EgoSelf, you may find benefit in considering it akin to a veil. Imagine you are outside on a bright sunny day Karen, a dark cloth is draped over your head. The physical impediment of the cloth keeps you from seeing the full scope of your world. However, you can still navigate, go about your daily activities, enjoy good health." 

"Your ability to identify your GodSelf being as eternal light is hampered by this semi-transparent veil. Like most impediments, it can be altered, understood, modified, at times even removed."

"Considering an EgoSelf veil will occult great swaths of your GodSelf reality, it remains an asset in the greater scheme of duality consciousness."

"You can understand the EgoSelf more completely Karen. Many famous personalities in your history have identified its existence. Some of the more common names for EgoSelf are Archon, the devil, alter ego, or Beelzebub. We have just enough time for me show you its physical appearance, define its characteristics, limitations and purpose. Would you like to look closer at our dark master Karen?"

Karen: "Fearful as I am at how powerful this EgoSelf must be, I feel compelled to learn more. Where do we begin?"

Antonio: "If we look at the EgoSelf from your personal history Karen, there are three events in your life which will shed light on this topic; your birth, this experience with me and your death. Let's take one more trip together my sister."   


  1. I've been looking forward to the follow up in this series. Many thanks for posting, Chris. Excellent (as always) and a useful guide for those (including myself) who struggle every day with the material/singular/negativity-fed programming.
    Keep 'em coming!
    Peace my friend,

    1. Namaste brother Carl; thanks for stopping by. It sure was a long time getting written, in the end I rushed the last part and felt dissatisfied with the result. Take good care Carl, I hope the balance to your summer is enjoyable.

      In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with peace....

  2. Another great post Christopher. Thank you for all your hard work in sharing this with all of us. And as the Science of Mind states: God in man, as man, is man. I agree. As always the best to you and yours always.

  3. Namaste brother Ron, always a pleasure to enjoy your company. With summer coming to a close I hope to spend a bit more time writing. Peace and love to you and your family Ron.

    In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with truth....

    In Lak

  4. Apologies for such a late read!
    But what a beautiful journey! always a pleasure to read your writings... the simplicity with which you describe god-self LOVE is inspiring. :)

  5. Namaste sister Bani; always a pleasure to enjoy your visits. Thank you for such kind words, however, from a quality perspective, I am not altogether satisfied with this series of work, maybe I can take the time to re write portions.

    With that said, it has been a fun project which will wrap up this weekend (I hope) with the conclusion covering maya as it relates to the EgoSelf.

    Kind comments like yours remind me there is value in sharing drips and drops of my musing with good friends. I wish you a wonderful week Bani and am so happy that in your busy world you can still find the time to share your own brilliance with close and distant friends.

    In Lak' ech sister, prosper with love... live with joy....

  6. This is awesome Christopher...can't wait to read the next installment (which means I gotta check my dang blog-roll WAY more often than I do...!)
    Amazing to be alive in a world where we know these truths you explain so well exist, though we're all being run by a bunch of predators...
    Truly boggles my mind on a daily basis...
    Thanks for some meaningful nourishment while most people around me are talking about 'The Walking Dead' lol...


    Be Well Brother...!

  7. Namaste brother Brad; thanks for the visit, the nourishment is on the house although few seem hungry. Always a pleasure to enjoy your visits brother, keep the train on the tracks, I hope your children enjoy Halloween and all the fun treats.

    In Lak' ech, brother Brad, prosper with love... live with peace....