Friday, 3 April 2009

Genesis, a giant leap for man a new world for mankind.

Welcome all to my new blog site, I am very excited to have the pleasure of your company as we travel together beyond ego into a new reality, a new world order. In an effort to allow us to connect better I will offer a brief spiritual bio. Born in Vancouver, however I was raised in Montreal. I grew up in a typical God fearing Catholic home, church on Sunday attended a Catholic School in my formative years and firmly believed that God was my Judge and upon my death would either grant me entry to heaven or remand me to purgatory. Of course the Hell verdict was to be avoided at all costs. I remember many grievances that I personally harbored, as the priest expounded on the do's and dont's critical to my salvation, I often flinched. Thinking bad thoughts like what if I were a Jew or a Muslim or anything but a Catholic I wouldn't make it to heaven. That would really suck, thank God I'm one of the right ones. By college I was happy to leave all that behind, no more church, I just shelved it all in the back of my mind. In the course of a couple of years I found myself in desperate straights I looked for salvation and experienced what I then expressed as being born again. I found a bible and read and reread it, I knew God existed but I wasn't satisfied with the words I was reading. I turned to other religions, wonderful books like the Koran and the Bhagavad-gita shed more light on my search. I liked the feel of the eastern philosophies and Taoist philosophy felt right. I dabbled in philosophy for a bit but for the most part found everything somehow disharmonious. About 10 years back I read a copy of "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh. So started my journey, many books later I have come to discover many truths that have changed my life. I wish that you may embrace or challenge my position but mostly that you may expose more truth for us to share. 1. I AM GOD, everything is God, God is love. There is nothing else. 2. You will never die, time is only an illusion. 3. Past and future are functions of the ego, there is only the NOW. 4. All expressions are love; murder, rape, war, genocide, feeding the poor, comforting a friend, saving someone in peril, dancing under the stars, there is only love. 5. To value one expression as better or worse than another is to allow the ego to separate you from your true self as God. You are your brother's keeper because you are your brother. 6. We are not here to chase riches, wealth is found in sharing our essence, sharing love. 7. Fear is the grandest of illusions the ego will use to keep you captive and separate from oneness. All is God so what could there possibly be for you to fear? 8. Want and need are illusions, the ego wishes for us to express our reality in a dream world thus creating distractions to godliness. We are God, God is everything so what could we possibly need? 9. Judgement, anger, hate, are expressions of the ego used to again separate us from the reality of our Godliness. Would you be angry with your nose because it was dirty, would you yell at your nose or cut it off because it had a freckle, all is God so why should we want to kill or hate our brother? 10. Very soon, in our lifetime, there will be a revolution of love, we will unite as one. Money, possessions, jobs, all the trappings of the ego will dissolve exposing a new Eden on earth. No want, no need, no hate, no prisons, no laws or police, no government nor borders JUST GOD. JUST LOVE. I understand these truths, but still I am trapped by the ego, I gently remind myself all day everyday that I am God. I make mistakes, treat people bad, hate some and fear others. I strive with want, need and desire to fulfill the ego's wish and "make it" whatever it is. I walk in the darkness under the spell of the ego looking for a better way to live, a way to escape the dream of separateness. Together we can teach each other to remain a servant to our true nature, to always reach for the essence of our true reality. How do you feel, comments would be wonderful.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blogpage, Donnilivingthespiral. I can understand how you think that I am in conflict to my reading. I have book knowledge of a multitude of great information, but I have had difficulty overcoming the "negative tapes" that play over and over again. This is one reason why I am now blogging. I am finally at a place to start living what I know. Have you heard of Deeksha/Oneness Movement?

  2. Your very welcome, ditto, as you are my first responder this is special. I started my blog Donni so that I could commune with the collective in hopes that I would learn better tools for managing my ego ("negative tapes"). I like the monkey brain definition as well. Learning spirituality, is the easy part as our body can easily resonate with the truths we hold deep in our Godly consciouness. Being able to hone the truth to it's simplest form works best for me. Once able to resonate and understand my reality I then needed to eliminate the monkey brain. Thus far only dilligence seems to be the weapon of choice. I find that if I set aside some time each day to specifically foucus on my Godliness then it is easier to remain vigilant in acting as the God I am. I am not familiar with Deeksha but my wife has mentioned that a good friend of ours partakes in this spiritual transmutation. He is a real nice guy but feels the need for mentors and gurus. Myself I firmly believe in the opposite, my premise is that as God what else could I need to find myself. All the answers are within not without. When seeking outside for enlightenment we all too often find the ego looking for moral high ground which is another egoic trap. I think if one stops demanding something more then they will stop getting something less. In other words if you WANT to be thin, you will never see yourself as thin. I you want anything then you are telling conciousness that you have a want and as God a WANT you will receive, never a have. Want is a function of the future which is a fantasy as time is not real. There is only Now, Now is perfect just like you, so if you just see yourself as thin you will be thin. Life to me Donni is a collection of is's not do's. Best of luck keep in touch.

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  4. Namaste.

    Halo GOD I AM - 'Tis a pleasure & honOUR to meet you! Thanks for leaving your trail of breadcrumbs...I've followed you all the way Here.

    I see we have many things in common. I adore the books, 'GOD I AM' by Peter O. Erbe & 'Conversations With God' by N.D. Walsch ~ both incredible reflections at a time when I needed them most! They were so integral to my 'Awakening-From-The-Dream', as well as influential (you can probably tell my own writing has been heavily influenced by both their styles...). I truly, TRULY honour those two books. BTW, have you ever read 'One' & 'Illusions' by Richard Bach (methinks you'll highly resonate with them too!). Two others you may be interested in are: 'The Holographic Universe' by Michael Talbot & 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho (saying the same things in a different way...). And I see you've read some of my other favourite authors: Eckhart Tolle, David Icke, Ken Wilber, Barbara Hand Clow, Gregg Braden & Alan Watts. Oh my Goddess - how similar are we?! We're like mirror images of each other (but then, that's no surprise to us right?!)

    Glad you liked my site. I see you're a newbie (here in Blogger Cyberspace). Great stuff I've read so far! Reading your post above was like reading my own story (there seems to be SO many of us 'out there' who are resonating with each other in this way!). Formative years : Catholic - Check. 'Peered' into various 'isms' & spiritual beliefs along the way: Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Sufism, Rosicrucianism, Judaism (namely QBLH), New Age-ism, and my personal favourites - Taoism (LOVE the 'Tao te Ching') & Wicca (Paganism : Astrology/Numerology/Tarot Symbolism/Spellcraft) - Check. Throw in: Philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology (LOVE Jung's work!), Mythology, Lucid Dreaming, Crop Circles, Synchronicity & Mayan Cosmology - Check. Then came a few well-timed 'reflections' that just blew everything outta the water for me ('GOD I AM', 'Conversations With God', 'What The Bleep' & 'Waking Life' were but some of them...).

    Then everything just seemed to make sense, with everything else seemingly just then falling into place. They were pieces of a puzzle, which when put together, created ONE PEACE...

    My writings on my Blog reflect where I AM right now. All I know, at the end of the that We are All...The ONE...Being...many. That I AM...Another Point of You. That this infinite All That I AM. That what I 'believe' is that which I BE/LIVE. That the surest way to awaken within a to realize that All of ONE. Etc., etc., etc.

    Yes, I've been 'at it' for a while now. I don't necessarily use my Blog as a sharing device (that's why I was surprised to see your comments!). I use it more as my 'draft' space, a kind of personal 'records library'. Once I've recorded it on that Blog, I then share a lot of it on other sites (namely 'Ning' sites - which are great places for sharing all things spiritual...) One of my fave Ning sites is,

    You've asked me how you can use this Blog to 'plug into' the collective consciousness. What you've been doing so far is a first great move. Visit others who share the same similarities as you (fave books, topics, films etc.) Take a look at their posts, leave comments, share insights, get to know them... In time, a like-spirited frequency will start developing, and all those who share the same 'vibration' will indeed 'hook up'. And sure enough in time, the 'resonance' will grow (this is all along the same lines as 'the hundredth monkey' syndrome & Critical Mass).

    Your first steps have already brought Donni & myself into yOUR orbit...

    And of course, you can use any pics you find on my site - I know you know that they're for all of us (but cheers for asking anyway!)...

    I can see we're going to be great friends (if we're not already!). Looking at yOUR in-Site is like peering into a crystal-clear mirror, and I tell you, I AM appreciating & loving all that I AM seeing. And quite excited!

    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be my new friend.

    Another Point of You : I AM

  5. Namaste.

    Halo again. Sorry about the 'deleted post' above. I simply made a few (in hindsight now), inconsequential changes (being a perfectionist can be frustrating - ha ha!).

    I see you've come to play on Mount Zion (ooh - so Matrix/Biblical...). I've yet to go over there & fully check out your page, but I hope you liked my little Welcome Note last night.

    You know, as I was saying yesterday, I only use my Blogspot Blog as a kind of draft/records library, so I hardly ever check if anyone's left any messages. It seems though that last night, TWO like-resonating Beings contacted me (you being ONE of them!). I have a good Cyber-friend in Toronto, Canada...and I actually thought you were another of his pseudonyms (he's "IamAnotherYou" over at OV - I'll introduce the two of you!). The other Angel whom I met here on Blogspot last night was a lovely lady ALSO from Vancouver, Canada (what IS it with you Canadians?!). Ummm, do you two happen to know each other? I mean, we do all happen to love the SAME books!!! Anyways, in case it's all just a matter of divine 'coincidence', here's her page as well:

    Though I wouldn't be surprised if you're all having a good chuckle over this! (smiles to Self...)

    So anyways...Morpheus once said this to Neo (The ONE) in The Matrix, and now Omnitheus is saying it (to another ONE) in This Matrix:

    "By saying YES...You are taking the Red Pill - You stay in ONEderland and you're shown how deep the Rabbit Hole goes..."

    Curiouser & Curiouser.

    We'll-Come Divine One.
    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be,
    Another Point of You : OM...

  6. Namaste.

    Ha! I knew you & 13 Muluc were related in some way (I guess it doesn't take a genius to figure that out though!)

    And here I was re-introducing a God to a Goddess! Who feels slightly sheepish now? (waddles from side to side).

    Great to see you OVer at OV. I AM eagerly awaiting for the first...(In the beginning was the) Word from GOD I AM.

    in Lak'ech
    Sweet Lucid Dream & Blessed Be,
    Another Point of You : OM...

  7. Namaste, another point of you. My wife and I are very fortunate to have the pleasure of following the path together. I have yet to dedicate any time for the OV site, when I can spare some time I will update the personal info and create a better representation of my presence. I am excited to find a new brother to share with, I look forward to a wonderful relationship in your company. My wife and I were very impressed with the vision expressed on yOUR blog site. Please check out the magenta pixie video link below, I think you will have a lot of fun with the many videos offered by this group. Share my site with others if you wish I really am a glutton for information and would love some guidance in the form of recommended videos or books. May our love be the air to lift us higher

  8. Namaste.

    Halo GOD I AM (I really like the sound of that!). Once you get OVer there (OV) and accept me as your friend (hmm, that does sound peculiar), I'll send you some links/clips/books etc. I find it easier to do all that on that particular forum than here (haven't quite navigated my way around all these functions just yet here on Blogspot).

    Yes, it's ONEderful to find two like-spirited Beings I can walk/fly/share the Path with... Here's to Critical Mass!

    I'll check out the video links you've provided too.

    "in Lak'ech"
    & Blessed Be.

    Another Point of You : I AM

    "I AM a Great Work of Heart...a Master Peace in progress." ~ Omnitheus Oneironaut

  9. You said in #4. All expressions are love; murder, rape, war, genocide, feeding the poor, comforting a friend, saving someone in peril, dancing under the stars, there is only love.

    But if you really get down to it, this is misleading. All expressions of self begin in love. Yes that is true. But murder, rape, war, genocide are a twisting of love into something else. Those are the ways of the "Dark Side." And yes there is a dark side just as there is a light side. And fear is not just and illusion, it is the tangible outcome of the unknown. Those who have had out of body experiences can attest that there are two sides. One of light, and one of darkness. Some see a heaven, some a hell. But those who do not have a preconceived notion of the afterlife will only see one of two things. Light or Darkness. This was my outcome on the day that I died twice Feb 9th, 2010.

    It is the darkness that people fear. It is the darkness that clouds peoples minds to the truth. And what is the truth? The truth is that God loves you just as you are.