Saturday, 25 April 2009

The wonderous ego, with love and thanks...

I love the trickery of the ego, it is the ultimate dance of light and darkness. We are transformed from gods to experiencing our being as separate and powerless. The ego leads us on the dance floor of life and we follow the steps like obedient children dancing in a dream. Song after song plays urging the children to learn the moves so that they may continue the paradigm. As we observe the lunatic results we begin to feel that somehow this dance is not right. Stepping away we become wallflowers observing on occasion but most often being swept back onto the floor we call life. So I found myself one evening sitting on the side watching the dancers creating magic and noticed that there were some children leading the ego with grace and aplomb to marvel the eye. I noticed how they smiled radiating a special light as they danced in contrast to almost all the others who like myself cast a duller more stoic visage. Setting out to learn the new steps proved to be so difficult until I learned a special secret. There is so much to learn, so many teachers, sages and well doers. I have come to realize that I knew the steps already and that this knowledge is found from within not without and is so simple that even a baby can learn it, in fact a baby hasn't yet forgotten. When we finally come to the understanding that love is the only answer we will then lead the dance we call life. Search your heart for all that is not love and replace it with love, when you feel the search is done look on the high ground, the mountain tops and clouds will hide more of what is not love. When ALL that remains is love then the ego will be gone. Each time love is not found take a moment to thank the teacher ego for it's guidance. Loving your ego may be the last step to finding yourself.

Namaste, my brethren, peace and love...


  1. hey thanks for the comment. I do have some thoughts on the origin of the ego (egoic field) and am working on posting info I haven't got to the beginning yet only the experience of it. I'm not sure,if it predates our consciousness (I tend to think it does somewhere along the line of C.C.'s writings/teachings), how it does and/or how it exists.
    anyway, cool blog I look forward to reading your work!

  2. Namaste, thank you for your comment JSW, I greatly look forward to your contribution. It seems that with the tomes of information published someone would ponder this topic. As well Urban soul I am hoping to track down your book, I have great respect for efforts like yours.

  3. Namaste.

    Love it! And I particularly resonate with yOUR last line, 'Loving your ego may be the last step......' Might I dare add, that it could possibly be the first step also?

    Like the Tarot's "Fool", who sits at 0 & 22, one is merely the transposed 'higher octave' of the other; the last - the transcending & culmination of the first; the Self-realisation of one's beginnings, jOURney & experiences. From 'simple' fool to Awakened (Divine) Fool...I agree - loving the ego is like opening a portal to enLIGHTenment (YOUniversALL Awareness); like being handed The Final Key; the Pass Card to All Eternity...

    Keep transmitting God I AM.

    God(dess), I AM grateful.

    Another (great-fool) Point of You : OM...

  4. Thanks for the added comment another point of you. Nice as always to gain your perspective. I am slowly getting through your site and suggest any followers to take a peek at your work. with

  5. Namaste.

    Halo my friend. You know, just this morning in the shower I was thinking about this thread of yours...and was 'hit/downloaded' with this 'information packet'. Don't know if it came from the shower-head or from Galactic Center, but anyways, here it is:

    The Ego, ergo - the 'shadow', I liken to a pin-prick of acute darkness in an eternal cosmos of infinite Light. It perceives itself as 'separated' when essentially, it is not at all alone but rather All-ONE. Like an ice-berg tip jutting out of an ocean of ONEness, the eye (I) of this 'ego-tip' spies another, believing itself to be removed from that perceived 'other' (because this is all it can see) when in actual fact, below the surface of it fails to see that All is connected...All is ONE.

    The ice-berg (having solidified & coalesced into form & matter) is merely a denser (physical) vibration of the very fluid surrounding it that it is composed of. The liquid ocean (of unlimited potential & possibility) is akin to the spiritual YOUniverse, the Implicate Order, the metaphysical cosmos. The many beings which reside within & populate this 'ocean' are the ice-bergs ~ solidified, physical expressions of the Spiritual, the intangible, the 'misty unseen'.

    And at the tip of these ice-bergs (or eyes-bergs) are the I's who look our from above the surface of the interconnected depths. These I's (or egos) are necessary & honoured tools for functioning in this particular dimensional frequency but very often, they confuse the map for the territory, the menu for the meal. Their axiom seems to be "I'll believe it when I see it." whereas the Soul's is, "I'll see it when I believe it" or "I'll BE/LIVE it when I believe it." The ego, perceiving separateness, acts for its own survival. Spirit intrinsically understands ONEness. The eventual destiny of the tip of the densified ice-berg is to firstly know it is the Whole ice-berg...whereupon the realisation will hit it that it is also the entire infinite Ocean!

    When the ego can unconditionally accept & love The ONE behind it as much as YOUniversALL ONEness accepts & unconditionally loves the many I's it expresses & sees through, then, and only then...will You truly know the infinite & eternal grandeur of All That I AM.

    *And that was it. I turned off the water, dried myself off and got dressed for the day.

    Another Point of You : OM...

    ps(st) - BTW, Thanks for linking me up with others. The chain only gets stronger with like-spirited links...

  6. Namaste, another point of vYOU coming from a great source. I especially appreciate the essence of this water reference coming from the great shower head of life. When taking a closer look at the metaphoric reference of the ice berg that you use I would like to point out a few things that struck my fancy. I enjoyed the manifest difference between the solid and liquid form of consciousness that you used. If we look closer to the meaning of this we see how the physical body transforms. From a heavy dense third dimensional experience (like an ice berg)to a lighter fifth dimensional enlightened experience(like water). As well any titanic passenger would attest to the fact that a berg can be a very unmovable, destructive, unyielding source much like the ego. In contrast if the Titanic were to steer a steady course remaining in the lighter, yielding, graceful and loving ocean of Godself all would have been saved. So our moral is that if ones desire is to be saved one need simply yield to love in all moments. Bruce Lee always said that in combat he was water, going with the flow moving with purpose and grace. I feel that the five elements; earth, water, fire, wind, aether are our teachers of knowledge. I have found my greatest revelations to come when focusing intent into fire especially. For my lovely wife water is her teacher, possibly my good friend water is also your best teacher. Thank you so much for another point of Vyou, always such a pleasure.

  7. I appreciate you, your words, your thoughts and your intent... Peace upon you and be blessed with every spiritual blessing.

  8. Thank you for your visit Violentlove....