Saturday, 25 April 2009

The wonderous ego, with love and thanks...

I love the trickery of the ego, it is the ultimate dance of light and darkness. We are transformed from gods to experiencing our being as separate and powerless. The ego leads us on the dance floor of life and we follow the steps like obedient children dancing in a dream. Song after song plays urging the children to learn the moves so that they may continue the paradigm. As we observe the lunatic results we begin to feel that somehow this dance is not right. Stepping away we become wallflowers observing on occasion but most often being swept back onto the floor we call life. So I found myself one evening sitting on the side watching the dancers creating magic and noticed that there were some children leading the ego with grace and aplomb to marvel the eye. I noticed how they smiled radiating a special light as they danced in contrast to almost all the others who like myself cast a duller more stoic visage. Setting out to learn the new steps proved to be so difficult until I learned a special secret. There is so much to learn, so many teachers, sages and well doers. I have come to realize that I knew the steps already and that this knowledge is found from within not without and is so simple that even a baby can learn it, in fact a baby hasn't yet forgotten. When we finally come to the understanding that love is the only answer we will then lead the dance we call life. Search your heart for all that is not love and replace it with love, when you feel the search is done look on the high ground, the mountain tops and clouds will hide more of what is not love. When ALL that remains is love then the ego will be gone. Each time love is not found take a moment to thank the teacher ego for it's guidance. Loving your ego may be the last step to finding yourself.

Namaste, my brethren, peace and love...