Thursday, 30 April 2009

The intent of words......

Namaste all, I have always loved words, their physical beauty, their power. Their phenomenal function is remarkable when you really think about it. Words can bring down empires, or ruin marriages, they can cause or heal cancer. Words make people laugh, smile and love. My greatest challenge is in remaining vigilant in transferring words empowered with emotions and feelings of fear or hate into love. To accept all aspects of reality to be the essence of love is a work in progress. When we speak we create a constant flux in the physical makeup of our DNA, this flux is created by the emotions and feelings which we associate to the words we use. Our best scientists have proven that words spoken in fear or anger cause the DNA strand to contract much like an accordion (Gregg Braden "The Science of Miracles"). When words of love are spoken the DNA expands, again like the accordion opening to it's fullest. If we remain firmly grounded in accepting the sacredness of each Godly moment then words, emotions and feelings normally ascribed to your DNA framework as that of contraction will in fact be physically realized either in a state of acceptance, the accordion at rest lets say, or preferably to see the DNA retain the expanded truth of Godly love. We are not just talking about the DNA here. We are talking about how words (the ego monkey voice) fueled by feelings and emotion allow friends and loved ones to kill themselves with ego diseases like cancer. Conversely, how with words of love fueled from the same vault of feelings and emotion can enable said friends and loved ones to heal themselves of cancer. Don't you just know it, great sages and healers throughout the ages as well as scientists today have already proven that words of love can heal cancer. In time we will all realize that we can heal anything that ails us. Until then a few words of advice. Hey you, next time a word comes along give it some respect, ya.

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  1. From a fellow Word Lover, I appreciate your thoughts.

    It's true : Words can heal or harm, and the more conscious we become the more thought we'll put into the words that come out of our mouths, or spin around in our heads. The more we'll consciously re-program the replaying tape deck in our minds, the inner loop, etc.

    One 'formula' I've always abided by is:

    Belief = Thought = Word = Action = Experience.

    But 'Belief' can be reprogrammed by Thought (hello positive affirmations!). I've always told people that if they don't like what they're experiencing...simply THINK another reality into being. Words are the bridge of this manifestation formula, so being mindful (read : THOUGHTful) of what you say, can significantly alter your experienced reality.

    Another (thoughtful) Point of You : OM...