Monday, 3 August 2009

2012 War for Evolution of Homo Sapien

Stop, take a moment to envision your future. Be the creator that you are. NOW is the time for you to go to war. You who have been sleeping must now awaken. You who have been watching must now participate. You who have been afraid must now love. In the balance is the future of your children, your right to live free of the shackles of fear.
The stage is set. LOVE is at war with FEAR.
Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Everyone will traverse the field of battle. In 2015 when you reflect on how you served your children in their time of need, what legacy of battle do you want revealed? Were you a servant of fear or a vehicle for love? Will you feel confident in your heart that you did all you could to be the God-self creator? Remember, doing nothing is not an option; choosing nothing is not an option. Both will indicate that you remained under the spell of maya.
So what is required of you, the soldier? You must clean your house. Remain vigilant in expressing love in every aspect of your being. Whilst you clean, you will convert fear into love. Search all corners of your home. If you find anything in thought, word or deed which is not love, redefine it in the context of love. As you make this exercise a definition of your conscious reality, your vibration will heighten. Others will see the change in you; in turn they will embrace love as their reality.
KNOW YOUR ENEMY; your ego and the illuminati control systems represent the two headed beast you fight. As you clean your house, your ego will suffer lessening control (a wonderful relief). To be successful in fighting the illuminati, you must understand how you are manipulated. Another essential ingredient is to discover what tactics have been used to make you less intelligent and make you suffer poor health. Most importantly you need to learn about what they have in mind for your future. Your brain and your nervous system are their primary targets. You must protect yourself.
Your golden bullet in this war is your ability to understand that you are God. You are the divine creator. As such, you will choose to manifest your future. Leave behind desires for material gain, that dogma is dead. Rid yourself of cellphones, microwaves, pop and processed foods. Get rid of your television, take back your brain. Never allow anyone to give you or a loved one a vaccine.
If our window of opportunity passes, their entire control structure remains. By 2050 they will create a world with 500 million inhabitants. The members of the elite power structure will openly enslave the entire populous. With the use of drugs and chips, society will be controlled completely. The average I.Q. will be reduced to less than 70, the ability and the desire of the population to stop the madness will be gone. Mankind will be driven to it's inevitable destruction. If we are to avoid this we must as individuals and as a collective stand up and be counted.

The antithesis of the illuminati vision is a New World Order where order is the key word, a natural order rather than an imposed one. Imagine what it would be like if we were to understand that we are all one. What if we found ourselves in a reality devoid of the ego? Imagine everyone living free of illusion. What would we then deem important? Illusions like death, birth, reality, time, space, dualism and materialism have been the yoke that man has carried for too long. Can you even envision a world where everyone loves everyone and all living creatures live in harmony.
Everyone being transparent, no shame, no
thing to hide. Forget the need for a car, plane, train or ship as space is understood for the illusion it represents. How wonderful it will be when we see that reality is a holographic dance of infinite possibility and that we orchestrate the dance. All beings fulfilling all desire in the eternal moment of NOW. Gaia will share with us this gift of evolution. Are we ready to accept her offering?
I have presented this challenge in the form of a war to create an emotional impact. I do not personally subscribe to good and bad, ergo: there is no enemy.
The illuminati is the cancerous and malignant expression of the ego in full bloom. You can love your ego because it offers up the lessons needed to expand your consciousness (raise your vibration). You can love the illuminati because it offers up the lessons needed by society to expand it's consciousness. The irony is that without dark there can be no light. The illuminati, like the ego, forces us to make the changes we would not otherwise be compelled to consider. This push to expansion (evolution) always comes on the tail end of the destruction of an ecosystem.
It is at the edge of destruction that evolution is given birth.
All is one, all is God, all is Love. This is just a wild fantasy park ride, you cannot die and the ride will never end.
At the start of 2013 I can guarantee one thing, you will still be God. Namaste

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