Monday, 17 August 2009

Do you want to be rich?

Have you ever tried to clean your mental closet?
In this consumer biased society we are all caught on the treadmill called life. We wake; prepare for work, commute for the eight hour commitment to the profit machine. Back in the nest; relaxation becomes the prime directive, usually in the form of games or television. Throw in the demands of family, household and community, not much time seems left.
When do we dedicate time to our spirit body?
For many years I have been chasing answers to an endless well of spiritual questions. I have come to understand God-self realisation to be about oneness.
If you separate anything you will falter.
This oneness, expressed as consciousness, is energy or love.
Follow this premise to it's inevitable conclusion and you will desire to see life through a filter of love. Never is there a need to forgive someone improper deeds, it is understood all is love. Never does fear reside, it is seen as illusion of separation.

I choose to see life in this regard.

I only see love; unless the ego prevails, it does so often.
When I am distracted with desire. When I get tricked back into the illusion of time. I lose love when I fail to embrace the NOW. There are endless opportunities for me to lose love, however they all have the same root issue SEPARATION.

I don't like the way I feel when I trade love for illusion and separation.

I have come to a point in my life where I am on alert for signs of confusion. I have been using various techniques to remain grounded in love. I call it cleaning my closet. Closets are where we tend to store or hide things.

1./ Test yourself: I like to reflect on the day in search for ways I could have chosen love but failed to. Looking into our past thoughts and actions is a good mirror for where we are heading. When you are looking for love it becomes easier to find.

2./ Remind yourself: We tend to live life far too quickly. I try often during the day to remind myself of oneness. This is simply done by seeing myself as spirit. I am energy, all energy is united as one. All expression of the manifest is love.

3./ Conversion to love: I enjoy remaining vigilant in search of finding more love. I find a great way to find love is in converting all that is not. I often find myself enjoying the correction of my thinking. For example someone is very rude, my feelings get hurt and I take offence. I stop that line of thinking, remind myself of oneness. Love rushes in, I see how my ego has taken control then have a good laugh as I regain balance.

4./ Illusion busting: I find it helps to continually bust the illusions out of your brain. We don't benefit when we fall into the traps of illusion. Time, space, death, birth, matter and separation are not real. Although we often are caught living our life in the framework of these illusions they are not real. I often still catch myself getting caught in the illusion of time. All my life, as a salesman, I have always been tied closely to this trickster. I often look out the window and remind myself, this is not real, it is just energy being perceived as matter.

The brain has worked with a given logic for so long. It obviously takes great effort to break free of the illusions of life. A great asset can be realised by the individual who takes time to perform the mental gymnastics needed to reprogram thinking from fear to love.
This work I refer to becomes a regular part of your day. It does not require much time or effort, but it does require vigilance. In time your search for love will become a habit. More time will pass and it will become a game. You will also notice in the beginning the love you find, you will give away, so that you may find it again. In the end it becomes much harder to find old fear based thoughts to convert to love. You will have mastered your thoughts in learning love is all there is.

If you are prepared to search your thoughts, feelings and actions for love you will be amazed at what you find. If you are willing to clean your closet you will find riches hidden inside.

Namaste, my brothers and sisters, love is where it's at.

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