Sunday, 30 August 2009

Don't blame America...

Now this is a real joke a Canadian weighing in to defend the American flag.

I just read a blog from a friend who was crying out for America to stop the wars. It made me stop to think of how much flack America gets from all over the world. Americans being labelled by almost everyone in the world as warmongers. America and her people are in my opinion being
short- shrifted. I say this because I feel America is not to blame, she was created by the Illuminati power structure.

America is one puppet in a long line of puppetry.

As a Canadian child I was extremely proud of the contribution made by my country in both world wars. Children in all countries are taught to respect and admire the selfless donation of body to country. Everywhere in the world the citizen who sheds blood in defence of his/her country is a hero.
I can reflect on a few images which solified my vision of the war hero; running around the backyard firing off my toy gun, playing with the plastic 500 piece army set, or just revelling in the mass media vision of the war hero. More than anything it was the pride in my fathers voice as he spoke of great Canadian heroes which swayed my opinion. Almost all male North American children grew up with this sentimentality of hero worship in post war era. WHY?
The machine always needs to be fed.
Without this glorification and hero worship, would the jet and tank seats be filled for the next conflict? Without this agenda the war machine would lose it's romantic grip on the young men of the world.
We often look into history with very small lenses, we use binoculars to peer back when we could use the Hubble. Visa-vis war, most will start with WWI go on to use WWII and the Vietnam war. Lets instead go back to the early Egyptian / Sumerian era, a time when war transcended regional conflict in favour of becoming an " industry " of mass global oppression, domination and enslavement. Threads of the Illuminati date back to this time over 3,100 B.C..
Early Sumer Dynasties I, II, III, ranging from 2,900 B.C. to 2334 B.C.. The first Egyptian empire was formed in 3150 B.C. as a dynastic regional war machine.
Before any history buffs jump on me, I am not saying the Illuminati created this early war machine over 5,000 years ago. It can however be established the roots of illuminati are dated to this time.
This is an important consideration as we see in society today the same method and motives being used to enslave the masses as was used in the times of Mesopotamia. Ever since these early days wars have been created to enhance the power structure of the very few (the Illuminati)

I must admit when I was a child I grew up hating America and all she stood for. Most Canadians today still find America and Americans to be very distasteful.
We are known to you as spineless pussies who need to be defended because we have no nukes, only 2 submarines (I think they both still work) and a handful of old jets you wouldn't deem good enough for practice. Almost all Canadians despise hand guns, many Canadians hate all guns. It is not a secret that Canada has a very limited taste for violence and almost no desire for war. I read last month 97% of all guns seized in Canadian crimes came from America, 93% of all guns seized in Mexican crimes came from America. We watch the T.V. and see people attending Obama speeches with automatic rifles slung around their shoulder. We hear about all the crazy sales schemes which involve another American citizen being given yet another free gun.

Today I can sit at my computer prepared to defend and love America and her people.

Imagine each country as a child in a large global family. Imagine the father and mother of the children being the Illuminati. Consider now the 193 children of the world, each child is assessed for it's potential strength. Each child is assigned it's role in the family. Each child is groomed to fulfill a future role.
America, the child, has been groomed to be the might of the world. Each cell of the American child will be programmed to fulfill it's role. The Vatican child has been assigned the task of creating a religious foundation, it's cells are programmed to fulfill this role. The Canadian child has been given the roles of peacekeeper and producer, it's cells produce food and serve the illusion of peace.
The people of the world are being controlled, we talk of free will but fail to realise how much effect the brain washing is having.

Ever since I was a child I always believed it was wrong to think badly of people who do bad things. I always knew in my heart that a person always makes choices based on their personal perspective of the world. The child who is molested, beaten and abused will obviously find it much more difficult to express love than the child who is raised with care and love by the family unit. The rapist does not just happen, the rapist is created. The dominating arrogant war machine known as America did not just happen it was created.
The smug, self effacing Canadian who sits in contrast to the American brother finds high ground simply because this is what the father and mother ( illuminati )have given him as his identity.
We must eliminate all borders in favour of being brothers and sisters united in unconditional love for each other. I try very hard to resist concepts of nationality. History has proven the seeds of nationality are sown by and for the benefit of the Illuminati power structure.
We are leaving this crazy patriarchal era, the time of evolution is at hand. The mother will rule with her soft caresses of love.

I cry for America, she is the child who has been asked by mom and dad to be the one who bears the greatest pain. She is the child who is most misunderstood by the other children. More energy and focus has been spent on manipulating and programming her than on any of the other children. America is the child who has been most abused by mom and dad, she has been raped, beaten and tortured.
Hidden behind the scenes are the Illuminati parents. Covertly, they have inflicted this war machine on the world, the blame they lay at the feet of the child, America. Just like Germany was asked to be the scape goat in WWII, now is the time for America to bleed. She bends under this great torment, but she will never break. She has developed a hidden strength, our parents will be surpised to find their child, America, will become the leader in the movement for global peace. America will be the child who rebels and causes the exposure and downfall of mom and dad (Illuminati machine).

Hail to America, raise the flag for what you will become.

Your past and what you are today will be seen by history for the work of the parents not the actions of the child. If a dog bites, it is the master who needs the whip.

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