Saturday, 22 August 2009

Thoughts, building blocks of reality.

With meditation, we still our mind in the experience of the NOW. It is only in this pool of stillness we appreciate the damage created by the swift currents of ego mind. Without spiritual intervention the human mind boils with endless brain babble. Observe the babble, understand the relationship between the thought construct and the creation of your reality.

How often do you observe the babble? Are you in control of all your thoughts? How much of this communication to the universe do you control? Is your conscious or subconscious the real creator of your reality? How much of your thoughts are a result of your interface with society? Do you feel your thoughts are in any way being controlled or altered by malicious intent?

Our thoughts, infused with the energy of our feelings will create our reality.

Understanding how we create reality is very important.

This gnosis teaches us the importance of remaining vigilant as the observer of our thought making process. The human who is able to fully control his/her thoughts will have full control over the creation of their reality. It stands to reason the person who cannot control their thoughts will remain at the mercy of the ego.

Every thought you have will create something physical.

This physical manifestation will either benefit or harm you. Simply put, a thought based in love will create growth and health. Thoughts based in anything else will maintain stasis or harm you. We all subject ourselves to harm by allowing the ego to run with illusions. Illusions of fear, desire, pain, hate, confusion and maya will create in your reality similar experiences. Thoughts of love will enhance every aspect of your expressed reality.

Herein lies a simple tool for completely changing our life for the better.
1./ Observe all thoughts.
2./ Ensure you are expressing only love with your thoughts.
3./ See beyond illusions of separation, think with oneness as your backdrop.
4./ Eradicate all maya, convert it into love.
5./ Make as many love bricks as you can each day. Every loving thought is a brick for your love house.

I often let myself down by thinking negative thoughts based in silly illusions I have long since understood. These subconscious thoughts usually creep in when I am not paying attention. Each time I encounter this happening, I gently remind myself to stop busting up my love house. I take a few minutes to make 10 or 20 new love bricks. A smile builds in my heart as I bask in the energy of creating love.
People easily make the daily commitment to the machine. Showing up for work and steadfastly donating eight hours of labor becomes natural. Imagine if everyone made the same type of commitment to their mind. Spending eight hours each day making a better life by observing and controlling their mind making love bricks for their soul.

We all understand the importance of changing the world. Often we feel helpless, thinking what can I do. The world will change as each person begins to take responsibility for that which they create. You can make a massive difference by making love bricks. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. Soon we will have love houses, then love town, love cities. The longest journey is taken with the first step. Can you make more love bricks than you do now? Are you ready to build a world of love?

Namaste, brothers and sisters. Eden is ours to make, one brick at a time.

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