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Hitler never was only a test...

Adolf Hitler was the most recognised persona in modern history. He transcended his identity as a man to instead become a symbolic representation of evil personified. The evil acts attributed to him are, to this day, carried as a cross by German people. The greatest irony is that the burden of those events should not be carried by Hitler and most certainly not by the sheeple of Germany past, present or future.

We are always caught up in nationalism. Almost every person who defines them self, will include nationalistic truisms as part of their identity. The American believes he should lead the world, the, the Frenchman knows he is the best lover, the Canadian sees himself as the peacekeeper, the German carries the burden of atonement for sin. This misalignment with true identity is being played by the power structure. Our emotions are being manipulated, easily as strings plucking out a tune from an old harp.
What I am about to say is not conspiracy theory. It is well documented fact. If anyone wishes me to slowly guide them through the facts, send me a private e-mail and we can go through the research together.

WWII and the Third Reich was a beta test...
If anyone does not understand the meaning; A beta test is; an experiment conducted on a small scale to determine the matrix for the ramping up of a larger project. (ie. The swine flu mini epidemic of last spring was a beta test for the larger program to be launched this fall).

The Illuminati do not see our world through Nationalistic eyes (Why should they, it is already a global empire, just not publicised YET).
In fact they have for centuries used Nationalism as the backbone for war, hate and fear mongering, by the people for the people.
It is important to understand how Nationalism undermines concepts of oneness and love.
When people have a hard time seeing the Illuminati structure I often will use WWII as a perfect thread to follow.
I think it safe for all of us to agree on the following reason;
1./ War is fought with money.
2./ War will be created and sustained by the individual or group which initiates and finances the effort.
3./ Like all criminal investigation, motive will lead to the perpetrator.
4./ War is a crime against humanity which can NEVER be justified.

Speaking to the first point, we all know how expensive war is. The global community spends over 1 trillion dollars a year on war and defence. One trillion is enough to feed, clothe and house everyone in the world. This reality obviously says a lot about the state of humanity. It cannot be denied that war is fought with money, it is a very expensive affair indeed. Any economist will confirm that it would have been impossible for the German war machine to be maintained by the resources of Germany herself. Who financed Hitler? More importantly what were their motives?
Most people are not aware that both sides of the war were financed and supplied by the same group of companies and banks.
Standard Oil - I.G. Farben provided more than 45% of all the funding for the Third Reich.
General Electric, a subsidiary of the J.P Morgan conglomerate was the second largest contributor.
International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) provided mass telecommunications equipment.
Ford Motor Corporation provided both sides with vehicles.
AEG was responsible for mass financing of both sides.
All of the above American firms are established to be part of the Illuminati control structure.

The financial threads supporting both sides of the war are too numerous to mention in a blog. The library of evidence outlining Illuminati support is fact not theory.

What was Hitler's agenda? How does it align with Illuminati doctrine?
We all know Hitler wanted world domination and creation of the Arian race.
Elimination of the weak gene pool in favor of Darwinism.
One world government with population control in favor of environment protection.

The ideology of Hitler's war machine lives on in the manifestation of it's creator the Illuminati. The same vision of one world dominance prevails. Evidence abounds supporting the drive to a one world, New World Order. The term " New World Order " was created in 1938 for the propaganda of the Hitler war machine.
George W. Bush resurrected the term a few years back. Making it once again the mantra for the Illuminati march for open world domination.

World War II provided the Illuminati two very important successes. Firstly it afforded them the ability to test drive the theory of world domination at the hands of war. The goal was never to succeed, the goal was to see how the masses would react. The test allowed them to determine how media and military control of the masses would function in the industrial age.
The primary objective of World War II was to create a mass influx of revenue to the power structure. Research who profited from the war and you soon find the list of financiers were the only ones to profit. All governments who participated in the war created massive National debt (Just as America does today 10 trillion today).
This debt in it's course of being serviced created the wealth needed to further establish the governmental control of new western world countries like Canada, America and Australia who had not yet fully sold out to the corporate power structure.
History, when seen through clarity of reason and truth of evidence, will show that WWII was a great success for the ones who created it.
Hitler was a pawn of the system, like most world leaders today. Hitler had the most charisma, the greatest conviction and would have been my pick if I were to choose. From this perspective Hitler himself was a great success. I am sure his puppet masters created a special annual holiday to commemorate his unmatched success.
Hitler did not lose the war.
World War II was fought; all objectives were successfully accomplished.
The Illuminati won before the first shot was fired.

The world of humanity lost that war. All the sheeple who fought on both sides lost. All the sheeple who still believe history as it has been falsely defined lost the war.

When we fail to identify our true history we encourage the horrific lessons to be revisited on humanity. History has identified Hitler's Germany to be the loser and the Coalition governments to be the winner.
The madness changes when we stop accepting history as portrayed by schools, our parents and media. Look at this subject with the eyes of an investigator. Research where the funding came from. Ask yourself who the real players were. Determine who gained the most from the WWII.
When you follow these threads of evidence you will then determine you have been lied to.

Truth outlines beyond any dispute these important facts.
1./ The financiers of the war were the ones who benefited the most.
2./ The war resulted in massive debt being incurred by all nations to private banking cartels.
3./ The stress created by the debts being serviced, transferred massive political power from governments into the hands of private banksters.
4./ World War II was, more than anything else, responsible for corporate domination of all western world countries.
5./ Corporate domination led to rampant consumerism.
6./ Corporate domination leads to deregulation of environmental protectionism.
7./ World War II was very successful from the perspective of the financiers.
8./ Those who created WWII gained dominance over western world economies.
9./ The war was never lost, you were never told the truth.
10./ We cannot learn from history if we don't know what the real history was.

The Illuminati are in the process of establishing a New World Order. They have learned a great deal from their beta test. Most importantly they understand how the sheeple will react. Their capacity to manipulate and control the minds of the masses should be obvious to all. Just look at how successful their test was in controlling the masses of German residents first, then the masses of humanity they conquered.
You don't need much sense to see the world is being cut up into larger and larger blocks. It is also quite apparent from the political rhetoric the end game is One World Governing.
All around the world people are being quickly stripped of their rights to freedom of speech and freedom of travel.
Our ability to care for ourselves is being replaced by the reliance on corporate structure to provide basic sustenance for survival. If the stores emptied of food where would that leave the average person?
We cannot sit idly by while we are driven unto servitude to the corporate master. So many people say, " Well, I enjoy a comfortable life so I really don't care. Things must be okay everywhere if I am okay. Right?
After all it is someone else that has the problem, not me, right?

We have not, as people of the world, come to embrace the truth of WWII. Only when we see beyond the illusions will we be able to benefit from the lessons which were taught.
Hitler never lost his war, he was the pawn who played his role beyond perfection.
German people never lost their war, they still play the role of cross-bearers beyond perfection.
The war was won by those who created it.

As always, the only loser is the one who fails to understand the truth of what really happened. This person loses by not being capable of learning the lesson being taught. The loss is compounded by the fact the truth must yet be learned.

Although I have many references to this topic, I have included my favorite video. I highly recommend everyone to watch and share this valuable representation of truth. Be the detective, knowledge is power. Make up your own mind!!!

Mr Max Igan " Who Runs the World " five ten minute video segments.

Knowledge is power, be the detective of truth.


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